Everything You Need to Know About My Summer Car Map

my summer car map

My Summer Car is just not a game. It is a dream. It is a feeling that a lot of gamers can relate to. A lot of gamers can imagine how it feels to be in the midst of a rural city. It is a game in which you are surrounded by different kinds of people and elements. As much as the game will fascinate you, it will also scare you at times.

My Summer Car is a world in itself. There are different interesting things to do. There are multiple milestones, tasks and quests which keep the game interesting at all times. However, there is no one correct way to play this game, there are certain tips and tricks that you can follow in order to make the game more interesting and playable.

There are some very basic requirements that you need to take into account. For example, you need to take care of the alias by making sure he eats, drinks and sleeps in due time. If you do not take care, the player could die and thus, you will have to begin from the very scratch.

Therefore, before you even begin the game, stock up drinks and food in the van. This is even before you build up the car. However, when you get to the Teimo’s Shop to get your car ready, following are the things that you must purchse:

  • Alternator belt;
  • Brake and clutch fluid;
  • Motor oil;
  • Coolant;
  • New battery;
  • Two stroke fuel;
  • Spark plug box;
  • Light bulb;
  • Gasoline; and
  • Diesel;

My Summer Car Map

My Summer Car Map

In order to make the game more interesting, it is advisable that you are familiar with My Summer Car Map. There essentially is a map in the game itself which can be referred to if you want to make the most out of the game.

This article will briefly guide you over the My Summer Car Map. Going through the same will help make your survival much easier and more enjoyable in the game:

  • The medium light blue mark on the map is the water waste treatment plant.
  • The yellow mark on the map is Fleetari repair shop.
  • The light brown mark is the Grandma’s location.
  • The red mark is the strawberry field.
  • The dark blue hexagon mark is the septic tank.
  • The light green horizontal oval mark is the ventti house.
  • The light pink hollow circle is where you can get the wrecked cars.

The red lines on the map denotes to the paved roads. On the other hand, dark red lines are the unpaved roads. Purple figures in the map are commercial buildings. On the other hand, blac figures are the houses.

For further convenience, there are different map guides that you can easily find on the Internet. It will help you travel through the city in a more effective manner.

My Summer Car Location

My Summer Car Location

There are different locations in My Summer Car that can be visited for different purposes. Following are some of the locations that you can enjoy:

  • Fleetari Repair Shop is where you can get your car repaired, upgraded and recolored. The repair job just takes the normal amount of time. This would amount between 20-5 minutes of the real time. It even gives you a service brochure that you can go through in order to get the job done.
  • Lindell Inspection Shop is where you can get your car inspected. Before you take your car, Satsuma, on the highway, make sure that you get the same inspected properly. All you have to do is park the car inside and get the job done.
  • The player’s home is perhaps the most common place you will visit. There are different things that you will find, and activities that you can do, in the house. Some basic things that you will have access to are: (i) fridge; (ii) tool box; (iii) toilet; (iv) bed; (v) basketball and a hoop; (vi) radio; (vii) TV; and (viii) phone.
  • Jail is a location where the player goes to if there are any outstanding fines or if any criminal activity is being conducted. For instance, if you hit and run, or fail to stop at a traffic light, then this is the place that you will be sent to. There are different sentences that you may get, depending on the severity of the crime that is committed.

These are just some of the locations. The map is really vast and there are hundreds of things to do.

My Summer Car Hours

The time of the game moves around 10 times faster than the real time. There are different clocks in the game that can be used to check the time. There are other alternatives, such as checking sunrises and sunsets, to know the time within the game.

In order to pace your game properly, it is good to know the hours of different locations. Following is a brief list of the timings that you should be familiar with:

  • Water waste treatment plant – 08:00 – 16:00
  • Fleetari repair shop – 08:00 – 16:00
  • Grandma’s location – 08:00 – 16:00
  • Strawberry field – 06:00 – 20:00
  • Septic tank – 5
  • Ventti house – 20:00 – no fixed time
  • Wrecked cars – 3

These are timings for just few locations. However, these are also subject to change. Nevertheless, once you start getting engaged in the game, you will get an idea of detailed timings regarding the different locations in the game.

The bottom line

My Summer Car is one of the most exciting games that you can play. However, the game simply gets much more exciting if you are familiar with it beforehand, especially My Summar Car maps, locations, and timings. Above is all you need to know for a more creative, innovative, and adventurous experience.

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