Old Photo Restoration During the Pandemic

Old Photo Restoration During the Pandemic

Photos or pictures are windows to the past. They hold great significance for anyone that holds them dearly. Old pictures are, however, susceptible to mold, dust, grease, spots, and blotches, getting torn, faded, or may have been washed away as a cause of nature.

Many families hold heritage and tradition in the form of family albums and pictures. During the pandemic, there is no way that you can restore these pictures effectively in a studio. This where online photo restoration services can be of utmost help.

Photo restoration service is provided as a combination of digital photography and computer enhancement to help restore your old pictures and photographs and bring them back in new glory. This can not only be done entirely online, saving you the trouble of finding a physical store in the pandemic era, but also help in creating digital copies that can be kept safe forever.

What does a Photo Restoration Service Offer?

Photo restoration services can offer you a great deal with the use of computer technology and amazing softwares. They can achieve immense clarity, create depth and improve the overall appeal of the picture and convert them to digital copies so that you can always reuse them however you want in the future.

Below are some of the services offered by Photo restoration services:

1. Colour Correction

Colour correction can help improve the overall image by adjusting the color tone, saturation, brightness, and contrast for a clearer and sharper image.

2. Contrast and Sharpness Correction

The expert software with the restoring team can help adjust the contrast and sharpness of an old image to make it look more appealin

3. Colour Inversion

You can easily invert any color photo into sharp black and white images to give them an antique and rustic appearance

4. Restoring missing parts of photos

The restoration team can help you restore the missing parts of a picture by digitally scaling the original image and creating the other parts digitally.

5. Correction of underexposure

The latest light and image restoration techniques can correct the fuzziness and the lack of exposure in pictures and help them appear better.

6. Restoring torn/damaged portion

Any torn, damaged, molded, or missing parts of the photo can be easily restored with the use of digital imaging techniques to create the full photograph digitally.

7. Stain and spots removal

The expert lighting solution can easily remove any spots, blotches, or stains from a picture and reveal the true photograph without any stains

8. Correcting Pigmentation

External chemical coats can create pigments across the photograph over a period of time which can be expertly removed by the restoration team

9. Repair Bug damage

Termites and silverfish can easily damage your old pictures which can be now restored with expert photo restoration services

10. Removing scratches and tears

A picture that is completely scratched up also can be repaired expertly by digital imaging

11. Restoring picture border

The expert software solutions can help remove old age photo borders and give you a modern picture

12. Restoring Sepia photographs

Sepia photos can be easily inverted to color or black and white with expert softwares

13. Changing color schemes

You can either add or delete or completely change the color scheme of an old photograph with these softwares

14. Modernizing the image

You can easily modernize your image and make it look either contemporary or antique and rusty based on your preference

15. Adding tones

You can add duo-tone, tri-tone, or 4 tones to your original picture

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