Positive Words Starting with Z with Definitions

Do you want to produce a zesty meal from the ground up? Do you wish to become a zany individual? Or are you planning to travel to your regional zoo? If you want to do any one of these points, you’ll need to make use of positive words that start with Z!

Utilizing positive words is a terrific means to make good friends and also typically maintain everybody happy! Nonetheless, considering that it is one of the least common letters in the alphabet, there simply aren’t that many positive words that start with Z. However, right here are a couple of words that you can sprinkle into your next English discussion to keep points light and also pleasant!

This may seem very easy, but Z is really among the least usual letters in the English language. This suggests that it appears at the start of much less words than consonants like R, T, or N. Statistically, this likewise suggests that both indigenous and also non-native speakers are much less likely to utilize and even understand words that start with Z. So, to help you increase your vocabulary and find out some new words, we’ve offered you with a master listing of 50 positive words beginning with Z. Let’s start!

Zany – adjective – Amusingly uncommon or uncommon in actions or look.

Zealous – adjective – Enthusiastic or passionate.

Zesty – adjective – Energetic (defining individuals); having a solid, spicy, or pleasurable taste (explaining food).

Zestful – adjective – Having a great deal of energy or interest.

Zippy – adjective – Rapid or vibrant.

Zag – noun/verb – A fast change of direction; to make a quick switch.

Zap – noun/verb – An unexpected burst of energy; to entirely destroy.

Zarf – noun – A steel owner for a coffee cup that does not have a deal with.

Zappy – adjective – energetic.

Zanily – adverb – To conduct something in an enjoyable or comical means.

Zapper – noun – A push-button control; a tool for killing pests.

Zen – noun/adjective – A Japanese college of Buddhism; peace and also harmony.

Zeal – noun – Interest regarding a certain objective.

Zero – noun/verb – no amount; concentrate on a target.

Zebra – noun – A black-and-white candy striped steed native to Africa.

Zenith – noun – The top or height of something.

Zealot – noun – An individual that is fanatical about their spiritual or political beliefs.

Zester – noun – A kitchen area utensil for peeling off tiny shreds of citrus peel.

Zestily – adverb – To conduct something with enthusiasm or excellent interest.

Zealotry – noun – A fanatical search of spiritual or political beliefs.

Zestless – adjective – Doing not have any kind of enthusiasm or spiritedness.

Zebrafish – noun – A type of freshwater fish native to South Asia.

Zeitgeist – noun – The basic state of mind of a duration of history based on the prevailing beliefs at the time.

Zestiness – noun – The condition of being tangy.

Zealousness – noun – The condition of being passionately committed to something.

Zig – noun/verb – A sharp reversal; to make a sudden change in instructions.

Zip – verb – To close utilizing a zipper; to move quickly.

Zit – noun – A pimple.

Zinc – noun – A crucial mineral found in nature.

Zing – noun/verb – Power and also exhilaration; to relocate extremely swiftly.

Zilch – noun – Absolutely nothing.

Zigzag – noun/verb – A line that rotates left and right; to return and forth swiftly.

Zinger – noun – An amusing joke or insult.

Zillion – noun – An exceptionally big quantity.

Zipper – noun – A tool utilized to shut or open up bags, clothing, or other things.

Zoo – noun – An area committed to the screen of wild or unique pets.

Zone – noun – A certain area of land.

Zoom – noun/verb – (of a camera or user) change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa.

Zodiac – noun – A position of the night skies divided right into 12 unique indications, which are typically connected with the 12 months of the year.

Zombie – noun – A reanimated remains; the living dead.

Zoning – verb/adjective – The action of separating space into different areas; pertaining to the legal or main division of land.

Zoology – noun – The scientific research of pets.

Zoetrope – noun – A past device that produces the illusion of moving pictures.

Zookeeper – noun – A person that takes care of animals at a zoo.

Zucchini – noun – A range of summertime squash.

Zulu – noun – A language coming from South Africa; a 19th-century African empire.

Zugzwang – noun – A scenario in the video game of chess in which the commitment to move places the player at a drawback.

Zyme – noun – A substance that produces an adjustment in other substances.

Zygote – noun – A fertilized egg cell.

Zymology – The clinical research study of fermentation.


We wish you enjoyed this checklist of 50 positive words that start with Z! While several of these words may be complicated to put in day-to-day conversation, others will make an excellent enhancement to your functioning vocabulary. So, do not hesitate to feel zealous and get in the zone as you zigzag via your following English conversation!