A Beginner’s Guide to Simulation Video Games

The first video game was created in 1958 in Georgia. The game was similar to a popular game that would come out later–Pong. Video games have come quite a long way since the late 50s, becoming their own complex medium.

Some of the most recent innovations are in the genre known as simulation video games. Simulation games aren’t anything new, but before now, they were somewhat limited in scope. Flight and fishing simulators were among the largest offerings in the genre.

A few years ago, people began asking questions, like why couldn’t you make a simulator for other things. As it turns out, you can. We’ll talk more about simulation video games in this article.

Sports Games

Simulation games can be broken down into several different categories, with sports being among the most popular. Anybody who’s been playing video games for a while knows that a new game comes out every year for each major sport.

Baseball has the MLB series, Basketball has the NBA series, football has Madden, hockey has NHL, and soccer has the FIFA series. Racing games are another popular offering.

These games have grown quite popular because they offer players a chance to play with a life most of us will never half.

Combat Simulators

First-person shooter (FPS) games are often thought of as a separate genre from simulators, but not all combat simulators are first-person shooters. Many others put you into a tank, ship, or plane.

These games fill a very interesting place in the market. These types of games are more technical, and often don’t attract the same attention as triple-A titles do.

However, the fans they do have are often hobbyists or history buffs who want an authentic experience, even if it makes things more complicated. For this reason, many simulator games for PC are combat vehicle simulations and often require high-performance gaming computers. You can learn more about how to build your own gaming PCs by clicking the link.

Life and Work Simulators

Video games are often thought of as an escape from reality, which is why it’s somewhat surprising some of the best simulation games are life and job simulators.

Possibly the most popular life simulator game series is The Sims, which first hit markets in 2000. In 2019, the series reached a total profit of $5 billion.

However, The Sims¬†isn’t the only set of life simulators making it big. There are games that simulate everything from farming, to house remodeling, to simply washing things. While these concepts sound boring, they’re actually fun and relaxing in their own way, and they allow players to do their ‘job’ how and when they want to.

Simulation Video Games: A Guide

Simulation video games are far more popular these days than they used to be. We’ve discussed the different types of simulation games and why they’re so popular in this article, but we’ve only scratched the surface of simulation games and what they can do.

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