Repacked vs Reloaded Games: What’s the Difference?

Repacked and Reloaded are two of the most common terms that you find with game files on the internet. Although there are cracked versions out there as well, the use of cracked game files is not recommended.

So, what are repacked and reloaded games? Keeping reading till the end to learn everything about these two types of games whether you should install them or not.    

What are Repacked Games?

Repacked games are game files that have been repacked to reduce their file size. 

Some games have large file sizes and they need a lot of resources to run. Repacking services like Fitgirl Repack process these files and delete the ones that are not needed for running the game. 

By deleting the unwanted files, the game size is reduced, and the games can run on even the systems with low resources. 

Repacking services powerful file compression algorithms that reduce the file size to a minimum. 

Repacking is a lot different than cracking a game file. Crackers break into the game and unlock its premium features that everyone can use for free. Although the cracked games are complete game files, they have a large file size. 

Repacked are much better in that regard because the game size is reduced a lot with repacked games as compared with cracked versions.    

Why Download Repacked Games?

  • Repacked games and Fitgirl Repack are famous for their small file size. These games are ideal for gaming systems that are running low on hardware resources. 
  • Repacked games allow you to enjoy a game, without having to deal with additional game files that you don’t need at all. 
  • Unlike cracked games, there are not many compatibility issues with repacked games. These games work just fine on systems with limited storage and processor resources.  

Best Sites to Download Repacked Games

There are a lot of platforms that offer repacked game download features. There are some torrent sites as well as some dedicated websites for repacked games that you can find out there. 

Some of the most popular platforms for repacked games include the 

  • 1337x
  • Fitgirl Repack 
  • RG Mechanics 
  • The Pirate Bay

What are Reloaded Games?

The reloaded games are either the cracked versions of the original game or a game that has been reloaded on the internet by the game owner. 

In most cases, you are going to find reloaded games that are the cracked files. The reloading team tweak the original game file and release it under their name. The idea behind cracking a game is to unlock its premium features. Reloaded games offer enhanced access over the gameplay that is just not possible with the standard game release. 

Reloaded games can be downloaded from various torrent websites for free. You can also download movies from these torrent sites in the same way you do it on Moviesda HD.   

Why Download Reloaded Games?   

  • Reloaded games are safe, free, and compatible with most systems. These games offer a secure gaming experience and there are no reports about these games being harmful to a system. 
  • Reloaded games are sometimes released by the original game developers. They either add new features or improve the overall gaming experience and reload the game for the fans. 
  • Reloaded games offer an interactive gaming experience with fun features added to them.   
  • Reloaded games that are cracked are not exactly legal. You should only download and use these games at your own risk.

Best Sites to Download Reloaded Games

There various download sites for reloaded games that you can go to. These sites offer torrent download options for reloaded games. You are going to need a torrent client app on your PC to begin the download process. 

  • Skidrowreloaded
  • PCGamez
  • CpySkidrow 
  • 1337x

These are some of the platforms that offer reloaded games. Reloaded games have a large file size so you need to have a lot of system storage to store and install these games on your PC.   

Final Words

Using repacked as well as reloaded games come with a certain level of risk. There is security as well as compatibility issues with these games that you might get to face. So, unless you don’t want access to the complete game files, only then you should go for repacked and reloaded games.  

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