What is Rimworld and its different tips and tricks?

Rimworld is the most in-demand game these days. This is due to the entertainment it provides. However, the game remains as tough as possible. This is why multiple gamers look forward to Rimworld tips and tricks to make the game easier.

Despite its increasing popularity, there are many gamers who are not aware of this masterpiece. Thus, this article will guide you over the basics of this game and the various tips and tricks thereof.

Introduction to Rimworld

Rimworld is an indie game which is primarily based on a survival and strategy game. The colonists in the gameplay have to survive on the remote and alien planet. In achieving such purpose, they colonists have to acquire a number of skills to tackle the challenging environment. It is one of the most exciting stories that gamers can come across.

However, as mentioned above, the game cannot get more difficult. This is especially true for those individuals who are beginners in the gaming industry. Nevertheless, the process of learning is what makes this game so much entertaining. Therefore, it is essential that such players should be wary of the tips and tricks which will make the game easier.

Rimworld Tips and Tricks

Following are some of the tips and tricks that gamers can apply while playing Rimworld.

      1.   Choose the Right Landing Spot

As soon as you land in your zone, it becomes difficult to fight for your survival within the game. However, fortunately, gamers can choose their landing spots as per their preference. This is the first opportunity to increase the chances of survival.

There are a number of biomes that can be selected while you are choosing the right landing zone. In view thereof, it is pertinent to note that all the biomes are not equal in nature. The beginning of the game will either be easy or very challenging depending on which biome you have selected. The biome of the temperate forest can be chosen if you want the game to be easy. On the other hand, the mountains can be more challenging.

Therefore, be particular when choosing the landing zone to decide the difficulty level of the game from the very beginning.

       2.  Leverage the Kill Box

As you familiarize yourself with Rimworld, you will soon be good at predicting the movement of the units of enemies. This will make it easier for you to play the game. Major advantage can be taken of this. For example, a large boundary can be created across the colony. Within these walls, you can create a hallway which will only lead to the colony. A kill box can be created in the hallway.

The main idea of establishing this kill box is to compel your enemies to one predicable locality. All the armaments can therefore be set in that area. All weapons that can be thrown at them should be set up in this area. This will ultimately enhance the chances of your survival.

      3.  Get more Snipers

One of the biggest mistakes that many Rimworld players tend to make is undermining the importance of snipers. These snipers are extremely useful for any event in the game. If the colony gates are to be posted with fighters who can keep the colony safe at all times, then snipers must be used. This is because they are quicker and faster while fighting their enemies.

       4.  Be an Experimenting Freak

Rimworld is a lot about the mindset with which you play. The first thing to do is to accept that this is one of the most challenging and difficult games to play. Only then you will be able to play. The game will eventually win.

This is why the players are encouraged to conduct experiments. Different strategies must be tried when colonies are built. Problems must be tackled in innovative and creative ways. The system can be defeated only if you are familiar of the details of it. This can solely be done through experimentation.

Although the system will defeat you a number of times in the beginning, eventually you will find out ways to be a pro at the game.

       5.  Keep a Check on the Colonists’ Health

Another potential problem with the players is that they fail to keep a check on the colonists’ health. This can take you with a surprise. This should be the topmost priority. If you know the health of the colonists at all times, you will naturally take actions to increase their health. This can be done by feeding them and therefore, healing their wounds.

However, there are some colonists which will require proper treatment. Those who have deep wounds may need a medical bed. In such a case, you should have in your possession such as medical beds. You can establish a room wherein these beds can be placed. Moreover, the colony can be spiced up with different kinds of entertainment. This will ensure that the colonists do not encounter any potential mental health.

All of these actions will result in positive health of the colony.

       6.   Setting up a Shelter

While establishing the first settlement, there are certain steps that you must be aware of. The three most important ones are building the shelter, providing them with the essentials and then the protection.

A sleeping quarter must be established for the colonists. Thereafter, all potential steps must be taken to ensure that they receive food on time. This is where a storage room may be required as well. Colonists can also be sent searching for food. It is critically important to ensure that there is more than one source of food. Each and every meal must be cooked properly.

Finally, you need to provide them with sufficient protection. This can be done by building a number of turrets in the surroundings of the colony. This will ensure safety. Once you have the money to build a wall around the colony, do the same for additional and more solid protection.

      7.  Choose the Colonists Wisely

This is one of the most undermined tips in Rimworld. You can choose the colonists from a variety. The colonists provide different sets of skills. These skills can be helpful during the game. For example, colonists which include shooters and doctors must be preferred. These skills can be important while beginning the game. Choosing laborers who do not have any skills on them can be a mistake.

One of the reasons why such colonists must not be selected is that it will hinder the growth of the colony. This can be pretty much frustrating for the gamer. Therefore, it is critically important to choose the colonists wisely.

      8.  Work Must be Prioritized

It is essential that all the work which is being assigned to the colonists must be prioritized. The tasks which the colonists perform on daily basis must be sorted according to their importance. Make notes on which tasks are important for the growth of the colony itself.

     9.  Colonists Must be Kept Happy

One of the keys to succeed in this game is to ensure that the colonists are kept happy at all times. This tip is a no brainer. Despite that, many players tend to undermine its importance.

The game will become less manageable if the colonists are not happy. Before the problem occurs, there are various steps that can be taken. This includes providing them with food on time, giving them sufficient shelter to live in and maintain the environment in the cleanest possible manner. It is also important to note that if one of the colonists see corpses of his fellows, then it may have a negative impact on the entire colony. Thus, take all necessary steps to ensure that the colony as a whole remains as happy as possible.

      10.  Skills Must be Chosen Wisely

The final tip to survive in the game with maximum effectiveness is to choose the skills with care and caution. Although learning the skills is an ongoing thing in the game, it can be very important to begin with the right sets of skills. There are many skills which are necessary for survival. This includes growing, cooking, mining and construction of buildings. Other supplementary skills which you may prefer include socialization, researching abilities, combating and arts and crafts. It is essential that you choose from the said skills. However, this is not an absolute rule. You can definitely choose other sets of skills, but in such case, you must ensure that such skills are helpful in building and growing the colony.


Rimworld can be challenging at all points. However, this does not mean that the game is not interesting. This is what makes the game more fascinating. Rimworld tips and tricks listed above can be followed for an easier gaming experience.

Although there are hundreds of other tips and tricks which you may come across, above mentioned tips are the most useful of all. Thus, use them for a better and more wholesome gaming experience.

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