Role of Technology in Business: Why it’s Important

Technology has been an integral part of modernization, urbanization and global evolution. All the three factors above are strictly controlled using various kinds of technology, which are also co-dependent on a country’s economy. Today, technology is the ultimate reason behind the success of many businesses.

Why is Technology Important?

Technology is a part of daily life starting from personal to a global level, which has significantly sped up the pace of life literally and metaphorically. Ordinary people make use of cell phones- one of the greatest creations of technology, every day. It has been the key to the world of research, various discoveries and science.

Technology helped reinforce a better sense of security at homes and globally against wars and natural calamities through the invention of home security instalments, deadly weapons, and modern intellectually engineered structures. Furthermore, it ensures the sufficiency of energy sources for future generations by discovering alternatives to natural resources. These are a few examples among thousands without which life would now seem impossible.

Personal & Business Essential Technology Roles

Personal Use

Mobile phones- Source of everyday Communication


1) Used to find information about anything and everything.

2) Source of numerous kinds of apps for entertainment

3) Keep updated on the daily news.

4)Social Media – Circulating social life

5)Office Work- Data tracking and storing

  • Cars/Transportation & GPS- Daily Movement and Navigation
  • Everyday household tools and equipment

Business Purpose Uses

  • Updated use of modern tools and machinery
  • Digital marketing and brand promotion
  • Freelancing Network
  • Online Banking- online/credit card payments

What is the role of Technology in Business?

Running a business has become more straightforward and competitive since the involvement of technology. Initially, manufacturing-based companies altered the workforce to auto tools and equipment, saving time and costs while increasing the production rate. On the other hand, exposure and promotion of both online and regular businesses have become much easier through digital marketing.

It allows the company/brand to make a permanent digital presence on the internet through influential factors- SEO, PPC, SMS, emails, blogs, social media updates, pop-up advertisements, web content etc. Moreover, through the usage of Enterprise Resource Planning software, the information and resources of the company can be accessed, assessed and monitored anytime, anywhere from the world making business operations further handier. Currently, most business workforce requires laptop-desktops to work on docs, spreadsheets, word files etc., to store, sort and list tasks, finances and data efficiently.

Make the Role of Technology Work For Your Business

The first job is to analyze all the present information and deduce areas of immediate attention to work on them.

  • Decision Making

Any business needs to take correct decisions to avoid bankruptcy and reach potential customers. Effective market research and business communications with the help of online surveys, website cookies, interviews and forums can do it.

  • Effective Marketing

In today’s world, for any business to survive, the company must use proper online Technology, when effectively used, can help build a successful business. All it takes is correct marketing, spending and management. However, technology has negative roles too, of which one must be careful.

marketing tools to create greater outreach by generating web traffic, creating engaging content, promoting the brand through social media and advertisements.

  • Resource Management 

Disorganized company resources and data can lead to unfavorable consequences. Therefore, to handle and sort staff and office, using cloud-based solutions- ERP is highly effective.

  • Making Changes

For a business to increase its capacity and efficiency, it must install the latest possible technology to save time and money. Installing security software can protect company data.

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