Shop In These Three Neighborhoods When Looking At Real Estate In Allandale!

Allandale is known for being quirky, beautiful, and a great town to live in, whether you are a younger professional or starting a family. The city is in Travis County and is considered to be a fantastic place to live. It has diversity, excellent schools, a great place to live for housing and entertainment, and the housing is pretty priced.

Shoal Creek Boulevard

Shoal Creek Boulevard offers homes that are spacious and airy. You can choose from smaller homes or more extensive options, but most are at least two thousand square feet. The houses are rated a six out of ten, while the top is rated at an eight. Each home is conveniently located near dining and parks for families or young professionals that feel like taking a relaxing walk after work.

Offering to the fence for privacy, the homes are also known for having two stories. The houses are a bit older, having been made in the sixties and seventies. However, they hold up well, and many families have fallen in love with these homes.

Real Estate Allandale In Gena Court

Real estate Allandale will showcase Gena Court as a lovely but modern neighborhood. Most homes offer multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, so it’s perfect for growing a family or starting one if you wish. Still, it is also an excellent place for couples and young professionals who need to network, entertain, and invite people to showcase their skills.

The houses have custom craftsmanship, and it is right next to the best in entertainment and culinary options and gives you panoramic views and a fantastic master suite. If you love nature and finding new places to explore, this is a neighborhood that you can enjoy to the fullest.

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Rickey Drive Is A Favorite

Quiet and peaceful this neighborhood is located in west Allandale, and the homes are functional with a sense of old mixing with new. It’s a beautiful area as it is close to the swimming areas, hiking trails, playgrounds, grocery stores, and entertainment. The homes are popular because the colors have been carefully chosen, and they offer spacious regions to maximize the comfort you crave.

You also have dual walk-in closets and natural light that makes the home feel more inviting and warm for guests. With a covered patio and beautifully manicured lawns, you can’t go wrong with this area. Another benefit people enjoy is that the fences are high and offer total privacy.

Allandale Offers Quality

Allandale is known for having significant areas to explore and housing that is affordable and innovative. Well-kept and near everything you could want, you have the opportunity to have a great career, fun with family and friends, and the chance to gain a wonderful sense of home. Allandale is a town where eclectic artists mix with the retired, where live music and events bring families together, and where you can feel like you have been transported to another world. Come and join hundreds flocking to this town and see the best homes and neighborhoods that are waiting for you!

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