Stop These Bad Habits of Wearing Sunglasses to Look More Charming and Trendy in 2022

Sunglasses are not only designed to protect your eyes against harmful UV rays but also an excellent addition to your personal style. This fashion statement reflects your personality can either improve or detract from your image.

While wearing sunglasses tends to look like an easy task, you mindlessly make some bad habits. If you want to look more charming and trendy throughout the year, forget about the following bad habits when it comes to wearing sunglasses:

Using Your Sunglasses as a Hair Accessory 

You may probably see people wearing their sunglasses as hair accessories, or you also did it. After all, swooshing sunglasses up to the top of the head is quick and easy when taking care of quick errands or running into the grocery. However, you should always keep them in a safe place to prevent damage and out of sight.

Wearing Sunglasses Indoors or at Night 

While wearing sunglasses inside or at night may seem cool, you may look strange in other people’s eyes unless you are a baller celebrity. Many people still fail to follow this rule. Wearing sunglasses in those situations will only make you look childish or unprofessional. Remember that the “less is more” approach lets you achieve a more stunning look.

Picking Sunglasses that Does Not Match Your Face 

It is never a good idea to pick sunglasses that do not match your face shape. Instead of enhancing your overall appearance, the result is the opposite. Plus, some shades are pricey, and you will only waste your money on a set of frames that only ruins your look. So, ensure to determine your face shape and look for sunglasses that suit that shape.

Not Cleaning Them 

What’s the point of getting sunglasses that match the eyewear trends for 2022 if they are covered with smudges or fingerprints? This habit will not only make you look bad, but also you likely cannot see out of them clearly.

Do not clean your sunglasses using rough materials or chemicals. Ammonia, commercial glass cleaners, and other chemical products can damage the lenses. It is not also recommended to use a napkin or the end of your sleeve to remove facial oils, dust, or oily fingerprint smudges from the glasses. These materials are ineffective and only leave scratches on your lenses.

Wearing Fake Sunglasses 

Buying and wearing fake glasses may be one of the most critical rules in wearing sunglasses. If you buy fake ones, do not expect them to protect your eyes against dust, debris, and harmful UV rays. Besides the fake look they provide, they will not do any good for your image. So, always go for high-quality and authentic ones.

2022 has already started, and it means that you should forget about your bad habits, including when wearing sunglasses. Hopefully, the above ideas will help you feel even more confident when wearing sunglasses. The more confident you are, the more you will look charming regardless of the event you will attend.

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