Suffering from hair colour allergies? You will love this bio-organic allergy-free hair dye

Hair is always an integral part and defining characteristics of beauty. Whether it’s for a young energetic vibe or to ooze experienced elegance, hair plays an important role. To stylise this important beauty component therefore, hair colour plays a responsible role. A nice tied hair or long beautiful curls, hair colour enhances the appearance according to age, occasion and personality. But these colours come along with some dangers like rough hair, split ends, hair fall, etc.,due to the presence of numerous chemicals. Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour is your handy solution to avoid such problems.

The 5 amazing traits of Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour:

  1. Absolutely safe and soothing for allergic and sensitive skin

This hair colour is specifically made for highly sensitive and allergy-prone skin. For people who have been suffering from allergies and discomforts due to hair dyes, this is the best solution.

  1. PPD-free

PPD, or Paraphenylenediamine,is widely used in all chemical based generic hair dyes. It’s a colourless substance that chemically reacts with bleach in chemical hair dyes to render artificial colour to hair. The intermediate, partially oxidised form of PPD can cause severe allergic reactions. Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour is completely PPD-free, thus it does not cause any allergies.

  1. Maintains skin-pH balance

The human skin-pH balance remains around 5.5, while chemical-based hair colours in the market come as highly alkaline between 9 to 11. Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour is made up of only plant materials due to which it has the same pH balance between 5 to 7 as that of the human skin. Thus making it the most skin-friendly hair colour available.

4.Say goodbye to harmful chemicals

If you are reluctant to use chemicals on your skin and tired of finding viable alternatives to chemical hair dyes then your search ends here. Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour contains NO PEROXIDES, NO HEAVY METALS, NO AMMONIA, NO PEGs, NO PARABENS, NO RESORCINOLS and NO ADDED CHEMICALS at all.

5.A Hair colour that also treats damaged hair

Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour is made up of 8 enriching bio organic botanical herbs:

  1. a) Indigo: Offers hair growth, prevents dandruff and premature hair greying, leaving you with classic deep hues.
  2. b) Henna: A natural colouring herb that repairs damaged locks and revives lost health of hair, improves texture and shine by restoring the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp.
  3. c) Manjistha: A hair colouring agent that also manages grey hair, enhances shine, removes dryness and prevents hair fall.
  4. d) Chamomile: Revitalizes dull hair, soothes irritated scalp by reducing dandruff flakes, helps hair growth and highlights hair shine and colour.
  5. e) Senna Leaf: Conditions the hair and scalp, provides shine, strengthen and thickens hair and combats hair loss. It also minimizes the adverse impacts of previous chemical damages.
  6. f) Amla: A powerful antioxidant and high in nutritional value, Amla helps improve the health of hair and scalp, treats dandruff and dry hair, prevents infections, reduces hair loss and premature greying and ultimately improves the overall appearance of hair.
  7. g) Brahmi: Helps strengthen the blood vessels in the scalp, provides required oxygen and nutrients to stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss. The alkaloids in Brahmi bind with the proteins in the hair shaft producing stronger and thicker hair.
  8. h) Fenugreek: A rich source of essential nutrients of iron and protein, fenugreek contains flavonoids and saponin compounds that induce hair growth due to their anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects.

While the first four work as primary colouring agents, the latter four provide treatment and nourishment to damaged hair caused by previous use of chemical-based hair colours.

However, because of the all-natural ingredients, the Hypo Allergic Aqua Hair Colour’s result appears gradually. If you had any colouring or bleaching on your hair, it might take re-application to intensify the colour tone. The intensity of the hair colour stays for up to 4 to 8 washes. This all-natural botanical hair colour enriched with essential minerals and nutrients gives overall protection from pollution, dirt and UV rays. It helps preserve your hair’s natural texture and shine with 100% grey coverage. This Indus Valley Hair Colour is completely vegan, no animal part or extracts are included in this and it is not tested on animals. It is dermatologically developed and tested and completely safe for both new and regular users.

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