The 3 Rules in Pairing Your Luxury Watch With Your Outfit

If you think that pairing one of your rubber watches to your suit during a wedding is enough, then you’re one of the people who certainly need these suggestions. For those who aren’t indoctrinated yet to the ways of a timepiece, the watch makes or breaks an outfit. When it comes to accessories, there are certain rules that you should remember. Or else, you are going to stick out like a sore thumb. Here are some things that you should remember when pairing your luxury timepiece with your outfit.

1. How do you pair a watch with an outfit?

Wearing your cool watches with any shirt and shoes used to be okay when you were a young and dumb child. But now that you’re grown up and have adult money, your taste in fashion should also evolve and mature. But, “Where do I even start?” I hear you asking. Do not fret, padawan. Your lesson on how to pair luxury watches to your wardrobe will start now.

Before learning to match the type of watch to your clothing, you should familiarize yourself with the categories in which watches are classified. You have Dress watches, Diver’s watches, Sports watches, Pilot watches, and Field watches. If you want to see examples of these timepieces, you can visit luxury brand sites like Rolex since they’ve made every kind of timepiece.

Next is learning the degrees of formality. You can think of this as the kind of occasion or event you’re attending. There are Black/White tie events, Business Dress, Business Casual, Casual, and Sports. To perfectly match your watches to your outfits, you have to consider all of these and other smaller details like the materials used for the wristwatch itself.

2. Match Your Watch to the Formality of Your Outfit

Watches are made to have a particular function in mind. To give you some context, look at Pilot watches. They are made to have a bigger dial for pilots to see the time clearly and precisely. They also have a bigger crown to accommodate users who wear gloves. The bottom line here is that specific events warrant specific kinds of watches to be worn.

If you’re going to a Black tie or any formal events, a plain and uncomplicated dress watch is key. A simple dress watch with a white dial and black leather straps will be perfect for that occasion. For Business formal events, you can either go for a classy dress watch or a diver’s watch with a leather band. For the other events, mostly casual and sports, any of the wristwatches will do. An exemption to that is during a sporting event, do not wear a dress watch.

3. Choose Complements

The next rule focuses on the materials used for the watch. This is in consideration of the accessories and garments you are wearing. Like the first rule, you also need to match the watch to the other subtle details of your fit to complement it.

Leather complements Leather

For starters, when you’re going to wear a pair of good old leather shoes, you should match them with the same colored belt. This also applies to the color of the leather strap of your watch. If your strap has a gold or silver band, it could go with either black or brown.

A good tip for this is to have a watch with interchangeable bands, especially if you own shoes in different colors. It would be best to keep in mind that the bands don’t necessarily have to be the same color as your shoes. You can also use straps that have a similar color with a lighter or darker tone.

Metal complements Metal

For this rule, you have to turn your attention to the metal case or the frame around the watch’s face. It could have different shapes, with round being the most common. The finish on the case could also be matte, shiny, or inlaid with precious gems and stones.

In this case, you have to match the color of the metal case to the metal accents or accessories you may have. For example, if you have a gold belt buckle, you should pair that with a gold-framed watch and a gold ring so that all your accessories will be gold. You need to consider other adornments: your shoe buckles, cufflinks, and other metallic additions in your fit.

Heirloom Pieces: The One Above All

Heirloom watches are part of your or your family’s history. They are like traditions being passed down to the next generation to follow and practice. These watches cannot be bound by the rules of pairing one’s outfit because they make you unforgettable and they make an excellent conversation starter. You have to remember that heirloom watches are not worn because you follow the latest trends in fashion, but because it represents your family’s legacy and culture.


Now that you’ve read these rules, you’re now ready to go on any event with the right luxury watch on hand. Let me leave you with a piece of advice. If you’re having doubts about your choice of a wristwatch, there is a simple saying you can remember: “Don’t know which to choose? Match your shoes.”

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