The Best Travel Sites that Accept Crypto and Bitcoin

These advantages accrue to travelers who pay with bitcoin, and the travel industry was first to see its potential. Using bitcoin cryptocurrency to pay for flights and hotels has been more accessible in recent years. Travel websites that accept bitcoin payments for airline reservations include those listed below. If you’d want to pay for your trip or hotel using Ethereum, there are a growing number of travel websites that accept it. Travelers may now pay for all travel expenditures, including flights and hotels, using bitcoin, becoming increasingly commonly recognized as a form of payment.

Using bitcoin in addition to traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards can be pretty beneficial. To begin, you lessen the possibility of encountering pickpockets. Because you are carrying so much cash, it is easy to pass through border restrictions without officials stopping. Bitcoin offers tourists a safe method to take their money and an easy way to change it into local currencies. It also provides passengers with a distinctive travel experience. For more precise information, visit bitcoin

Booking Trip with Bitcoin: Top Reasons

Before you create a digital wallet, evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of making travel arrangements with Bitcoin. It’s more popular than ever, with an increasing number of individuals taking part. Most importantly, though, is that if enough individuals use cryptocurrencies to pay for their next trip, hotel, or tour, it has the potential to upend the current system completely. Imagine a world without credit cards, where accessing your own money doesn’t cost you a fortune, and where we aren’t held hostage by a rewards program. Using digital currency, a system that has left half of the US in debt while benefitting a small group of people who know how to use loyalty programs, would be abolished. It’s about time we broke free of those chains.


It’s important to note that Surf Air isn’t like other airline websites. On this site, you may join up for a monthly subscription and not have to book a single flight for the month. Private airlines are increasingly taking Bitcoin as payment, and this airline is one of the most popular ones to do so. There are flights to and from California and Texas airports. Aside from that, they fly regularly to several other locations throughout the country during the winter months. Select European locations, such as London, Ibiza, and Zurich, are also available for booking.


It’s no surprise, therefore, that Travala, which began as a blockchain-based travel booking site, also accepts regular credit and debit cards in addition to cryptocurrencies. It allows you to book from over two million different hotels, airlines, and other travel accommodations worldwide using almost any digital money. Bookings in 230 countries and territories are up to 40% less expensive than on different travel sites. If you discover a lesser price on another booking website, Travala will refund you the difference. The AVA token, which is a native cryptocurrency on Travala’s platform, further distinguishes the company. It promotes a healthy internal economy by offering incentives like discounts on reservations, extra prizes, and a loyalty program to encourage the usage of the token. We may use AVA to pay for everything from phone bills to automobile registration to rent in Australia.

A Bit Sky

Take to the skies in search of Bitcoins! You can read it right here in the headline: This London-based travel website accepts Bitcoin. Tickets for flights, lodging, and transportation are all available. There are links on the aBitSky site to low-cost flights, international flights, and holiday packages. Each deal has its price recorded in Bitcoins next to it. Because of the site’s user-friendliness and lack of conversion, it gets high marks from me. There are many advantages to purchasing with a decentralized currency, and Berkeley Travel is happy to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

As I discovered while perusing their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), this website indeed does it all! If your flight is not on time, they will arrange hotel transfers, notify the hotel so that a room is available for you when you arrive, and even extend your hotel stay!


Unocoin, an online bus ticketing service in India, now takes Bitcoins. This partnership with Unocoin was made possible by ETravelSmart’s need for a “means of payment without being susceptible to chargebacks, volatility, or transaction fees.” To make a reservation with ETravelSmart, phone or use their mobile app, and you’ll receive a modest discount. India has around 80,000 bus lines! What adventures lie ahead for you!

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