The Different Cryptocurrencies And What They Mean For The Future

The advent of bitcoin investments in the market has set the ball rolling for all other cryptocurrencies to flood the market. It has become a revolution of sorts because it is a digital currency that has no third party controlling it. Nobody likes anyone controlling them so cryptocurrencies all having the same attribute has become an immediate favorite with everybody.

And the safety of trading them on platforms like bitqh has also contributed to their popularity. You need not go through the hassles that you would while trading with fiat currencies.

Why There Are So Many Cryptocurrencies In Circulation

Cryptocurrencies all function on the fundamentals of blockchain technology. And a blockchain is an open source that gives numerous creators the to develop new codes freely. And no stone has been left unturned in this respect because this is exactly what every creator and potential creator has done with this open-source coding. This is the reason why there are so many cryptocurrencies on the market today. They are very easily created.

Coins And Tokens In Cryptocurrencies

While discussing cryptocurrencies you probably have heard about the terms “coins” and “tokens”. They may look and sound like interchangeable terms but actually, they are not. A coin is a digital currency that is created on its blockchain to be used like the other fiat currencies. It can be used to exchange or as a store of value, whichever way you choose to use it.

But if you take the case of tokens they are a bit different. They are initiated on an already existing blockchain to be used as part of a software application. Software application is meant that it can act as a granting authority in access to an app or to even authenticate its identity. Tokens can also be used to track goods that are in transit in a supply chain.

Different Types Of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has ushered in a new era in digital currencies. It has set the trend for so many numerous cryptocurrencies to make their way into the market. So the first name that you would hear while discussing cryptocurrencies is the name Bitcoin. Apart from Bitcoin, many different cryptocurrencies exist.

The 5 Leading Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out In 2022

The leading cryptocurrency in the market is Bitcoin even today. It ranks first as the crypto of the market. Many more noteworthy cryptocurrencies have followed Bitcoin.



Ethereum is the first choice of users after Bitcoin. It is referred to as Altcoin and is symbolized as ETH. A decentralized software platform, it allows smart contracts and decentralized applications There is no chance of any interference or control from anyone whomsoever. Chances of cheating are minimal here.

The main goal of the creators of this Altcoin was to aid its users to create and run a whole lot of financial products that can freely be used and accessed by anyone in this world.



Next in line is Tether. It is one of the pioneers in the stablecoins category. Stablecoins are currencies that fix their market value to different currencies so that they are less volatile by nature and hence the name stablecoin. Tether is tied to the US dollar and thus is less volatile in comparison to other Altcoins.


USD Coin

Another of the stablecoins, the USDC also attaches itself to the dollar. It uses reserves of fiat collateral. This simply means that the amount of the stablecoin in circulation is equal to the fiat currency that will be in the market.


Binance Coin (BNB)

It is a utility cryptocurrency which is a method of payment as fees that come for trading on the Binance Exchange. Binance occupies the third position in the Altcoin market.


Binance USD (BUSD)

Binance USD is created by the Binance Exchange; this coin falls under the category ofstablecoins, associateddollar. The Binance is a regulated coin that has a current market value of $17.5 billion.


To judge a cryptocurrency as the best you will have to consider a few things like its type, security tokens, asset-backed tokens, NFTs, and Defi tokens. But most importantly you must do your groundwork to be sure of which currency to invest in.