Why You Should Think Twice Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

All of a sudden cryptocurrencies have been all over the news for quite some time now. They are making waves with their huge profit margins thereby making them a worthwhile investment. And industrialization and evolution in technology have started making cryptocurrencies look like the global favorite. It is sometimes tipped to be the NFT marketplace of the future although several fallbacks say otherwise.

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Fallbacks of Investing in Cryptocurrency

All these days you must have heard everything good about cryptocurrencies. They have a whole lot of good in them but mind you, they are also associated with drawbacks. Before investing it is best to have a deep insight into their drawbacks so that you may be warned of them.


Cryptocurrencies Are Prone To Illegal Usage

The privacy and security that is given to all cryptocurrencies via their blockchain technology, it is seriously difficult though not impossible for the governments of various countries to track them. Thus it is a safe refuge for criminals who want to make the most of this security factor. Many illegal deals both in the past and the present have been made with cryptocurrencies.


Loss In Data Can Translate To Financial Losses

To make the cryptosystem a highly secure one the makers of the system created such strong hacking defences and passcodes that it is not very easy to crack into them. This way frauds are prevented which is the end goal of the system. The makers wanted the system to be such that people could easily put all their money into it so that they would be safe and secure.

It is secured with a private key which if you lose you lose all your money. So this loss in data means a loss of finances which you will never again see if you cannot retrieve that private key.

The Irony Of Decentralization

It is a favourite with many users because it is a decentralized system Which means there is no one to control or look over you like in the fiat currency system. No superior force looking over you and your finances which means you are free to do as you choose to. But the irony is that it is controlled by its creators. They are the ones who control the rise and fall in prices. So where is the decentralization that is so hyped about in cryptocurrencies?

Not All Cryptocurrencies Are Available In Fiat Currencies

Among the most popular of the crypto lot, is Bitcoin which can be transferred to any fiat currency where they are legal. It is not true for all other cryptocurrencies. This makes the users convert that crypto into another crypto that can be made available in a fiat currency. This is a huge problem with this alternate form of currency. If it is the currency of the future the creators will have to take care of this aspect.


Fluctuations In Cryptocurrencies

It is an open truth that all cryptocurrencies are highly fluctuating forms of currency. Today it has one value and you think of investing and all of a sudden tomorrow it has another value. So your asset value keeps on going up and down which is not what any investor would want. This will cause them to lose their sleep and appetite.


It Is Not Legal In All Countries

Cryptocurrencies are not legal and are recognized by every country and its government. So investing in cryptocurrencies becomes impossible for those citizens. Take the example of China. It is banned there so its citizens have no chance at it no matter how much they would like to go for it what with so much hype doing the rounds of the market.

Therefore, when planning to step into the world of crypto investment, make sure you play the game safe; otherwise, you may have to repent lateron for the huge, unexpected financial losses.