The Science Of Gaming Chair Upholstery: Is PU Leather Really OK?

The choice of chair material determines comfort, durability, and response to allergies. One of the most popular materials in the world of gaming chairs is PU leather. Even though it is synthetic leather, technological advancement has made it a great alternative to expensive leather. Also, the leather-like finish makes it ideal for gaming setups, especially if you want to achieve a stylish design without breaking the bank. Check here for examples of great PU leather chairs. Some of the reasons why PU leather is ideal in gaming chairs include:

  1. PU Leather Chairs Are Affordable

Building a dream gaming setup costs a lot of money. However, getting a PU leather seat for your setup is one of the best ways to cut costs without compromising aesthetics and comfort. Even though some PU leather chairs are expensive than others, the average cost of getting a premium seat is a fraction of what you are more likely to spend on a leather one.

With the money saved on the chair, you can invest in a superior monitor, keyboard, or gaming headphone of your choice. However, it is advisable to pay attention to PU leather quality as not all synthetic leathers are of good quality. Also, it would be best if you spent more time checking on other features before hitting the buy option.

  1. PU Leather Is Comfortable.

Since gamers spend a lot of time seated, the seat comfortability needs to be top-notch. Unlike cheap PVC chairs, PU leather seats are comfortable. Even though the breathability is inferior to real leather, the seat conducts heat and moisture away easier than PVC materials. With less sweat and heat on the seat surface, you can play for longer hours.

Besides the seat breathability, PU leather seats are easy to add padding. With the padded surface, it is easier to sit for long hours without hurting your back. However, you should avoid putting the seat near hot surfaces for more comfort because it does not conduct heat well. Also, you should maximize other seat’s features for maximum comfort, such as tilting tension.

  1. The Chairs Are Easy To Maintain

PU leather chairs are unmatched in terms of ease of maintenance and cleaning. Regardless of your attempt to keep the gaming setup clean and minimal, dirt, drink spills, and sweat are unavoidable. If the seat has PU leather, it is easy to clean the spills and sweat easily. Also, you can clean the seat using multiple cleaning methods without destroying its color and materials. After wiping the dust and spills for a long time, it is advisable to clean it thoroughly once in a while. The seats also dry faster, regardless of the washing method. However, it would be best to be careful not to destroy the padding as some seats may not be as durable as others due to differing PU leather quality.

  1. PU Leather Comes in Different Colors.

Color is a key element when creating a gaming setup. Most gaming enthusiasts are interested in achieving a certain theme by buying monitors, keyboards, headphones, and other accessories of a specific color. However, the greatest dilemma when building a personalized setup is the chair, as many materials do not have many exciting color alternatives.

Fortunately, PU leather is an excellent option to add more character to your setup using color. Besides, manufacturers and chair designs are experimental with different colors, eliminating the need to paint the seat after buying them. However, you can paint most PU leather chairs using acrylic paints if you are tired of a particular color scheme. Unlike leather and PVC seats, you cannot destroy the seats by repainting them. The freedom to change color based on your preference makes PU leather superior to natural leather and mesh gaming seats.

  1. The Seat Is “More Green.”

After some years of usage, you will need to replace the seat with another gaming chair. Since the chair is made of synthetic leather, it is hard to recycle it. Fortunately, PU leather is more green compared to other alternatives such as PVC seats since it will decay faster.

Thanks to the price factor, vast color collection, and the ability to clean and maintain the seat, PU leather is a great choice for any gamer. Whether building a fancy gaming setup or a comfortable space to game with your friends, you cannot go wrong with the PU leather seats.


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