Things to Consider in a Youtube Downloader

If you want to download your favorite videos from YouTube, you can use a YouTube downloader. But, before choosing a downloader, I suggest you consider a few things. Although there are many YouTube Downloader available, many of them are useless. Once you have found the right YouTube downloader, you wouldn’t have to search for an alternative. The best video downloader has some features that make it worth using.

It must be quick:

When it comes to downloading videos from a YouTube downloader, the users do not like to wait for hours on end to be able to download a single video. If the Downloader is very slow, one has to consider the stretch of patience to endure if downloading a couple of videos at a time. So it must be quick enough to download a single or a couple of videos at a time with greater ease.

One such built-in software is the Ymp4 YouTube video downloader, which takes much less time than other Downloader to download videos from YouTube. It can also download the audio files from YouTube on your phone storage.

It must be Easy:

The YouTube Downloader users do not like to spend long hours figuring out the entire interface for a downloader. Users want a YouTube downloader, which is easy to use, in such a way that the moment they see it, they already know how to download it. A simple and easy YouTube downloader does not require any manuals or tutorials.

 It has just basic and simple features. One such video downloader is Ymp4. You need to copy the link from the browser or YouTube app. Then paste the link into the search box of Ymp4 and hit GO. Then pick the download and quality format, hi download button, and save the YouTube videos on your device.

It must download Videos in all video formats:

A best YouTube downloader must have such a feature to download a specific video in your ideal video format. Suppose a video downloader only allows downloading videos in one particular video format. In that case, it will not benefit the users because not all of them have a supported player on their laptops or desktops to read a specific video format.

Web-Based converters:

When it comes to web-based video Downloader, the good news is that you don’t need to install a separate app on the desktop. With online video converters’ help, you can download as many videos as you like for free. You need to enter the URL link of the desired video on the YouTube downloader.

For downloading the mp3 version of your favorite songs, YouTube Downloader is popular. They are much easy to use and are free for everyone.

Desktop Software:

The desktop software allows much more variety, and YouTube Downloader is available as desktop versions. The good thing about these is that you do not require to connect to a server to play or convert your videos. It allows you to choose from many conversion options. One such Downloader is Ymp4 that can convert videos to any resolution you want. It offers fast processing so you can convert all your videos from playlists.

Qualities that must be present in a YouTube downloader:

  • It must support all the websites that you want to use.
  • It must allow you to download your videos in batches or download all playlists.
  • It should allow you to convert significant file formats like mp3 and mp4.
  • It must have a clean user interface.
  • It should not request your personal information.


A YouTube downloader must have all the features that make it worth using. It must be quick, easy to use, and support all file formats. It can convert video files to mp3.

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