Tips for marketers to make effective use of memes

Memes give the opportunity of engaging with your audience on social media funnily, but you must ensure that the brand message resonates with the audience. Businesses can use memes for better consumer engagement because it is attractive to people who have become averse to online advertising which is often intrusive.  Banking on the universal appeal of memes created with images, GIFs, videos, and text, like the ones you find at Meme Scout, businesses can engage with consumers who had otherwise remained out of bounds.  You can create engaging content by using memes that provide fun and enjoyment at a very low cost. The most expensive element in creating memes is your creativity, followed by a proper understanding of the audience you want to target.

Memes have instant appeal

Memes that you find on social media are usually static images or GIFs playing on a familiar theme, phenomenon, or meaning that has some text superimposed on the image. More marketers across the industries are using memes to relate to their audience, build community, and leave a lasting impact on the audience. Since the human brain processes visuals extremely fast than text, memes create an instant appeal that lasts for a long time in the audience’s memory. It helps in easy brand recall that goes a long way to reap marketing dividends.

If you are still undecided about including memes in your online marketing strategy, this article should be convincing enough to make a favorable decision.

It costs almost nothing to create meme content

Memes are rarely original content because the content used for memes is already in circulation on the internet. What goes to your credit is in identifying the most befitting content and modifying it by using your creativity to create an attractive meme that conveys some desired message.  It saves cost and time to create original content and hence most attractive for small businesses that generally operate with limited funds.

When you find some existing media that seems helpful to replicate your idea with some tweaking or adding a new caption, you can go for it.  The audience never expects super artwork in memes, and even if you have limited design skills, it should not prevent you from creating memes.

Support a sense of community

The funny tone of memes has a universal appeal that binds the audience together and builds a community.  The underlining fun in the memes creates a sense of belongingness as the audience can relate to the situation referred to in the meme, and it brings everyone on board to enjoy the humor. It is similar to sharing a joke that makes the audience laugh together.

Memes trigger sharing

Memes are not only effective tools for communication but such is its attraction that it triggers sharing. It is normal to see people re-posting or sharing memes which only expands the marketers’ reach without any extra effort.  When you share a funny meme with someone, the recent derives from it give a sense of satisfaction that they want to share with many others.

Using memes that relate to some current event makes your brand look real, human, and modern.

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