Tips to properly install and hang a soundbar

Tips to properly install and hang a soundbar

The soundbar is the best option for smaller rooms. In terms of sound reproduction, it acts as a full-fledged home theater, but takes up much less space in the room. But how to install a soundbar so that at the same time it is easy to use, does not interfere and looks great indoors? There are several good solutions for placing a soundbar in a room. We will present the possible installation options and dwell on more details on how to properly and quickly hang the soundbar with your own hands on the wall.

Where is it best to install soundbars?

The sound panel, as a rule, is made in an elongated body in one piece and is a long-elongated bar, equipped with a processor, driver, audio amplifiers and various connectors. Separate subwoofers are often purchased. Many modern models have a built-in or wireless subwoofer in the kit.

In other words, the soundbar is a complex two- or three-channel system (there are also more advanced six- and seven-channel panels) capable of reproducing rich, surround sound, replacing the acoustics built into the TV. The design and size of the soundbar can vary greatly – it all depends on the specific model, manufacturer, functionality and cost. However, when buying a device, it is best to worry in advance where to place it next.

The soundbar can be installed on the wall below or above the TV, or it can be placed on a tripod in front of the TV device. Another option for fireplace owners is to place a panel on the mantel. However, it is undesirable to connect the device away from the TV case, because in this case the sound will be slightly muffled and the illusion of surround sound will be lost. According to the owners of the sound panels, placing it directly under the TV also negatively affects the quality of the reproduced sound.

Also note the types of soundbars: acoustic stands or acoustic pedestals. They look like flat cabinets of different sizes (it all depends on the model and manufacturer), equipped with a real sound system, a receiver and even a built-in subwoofer. The TV, by the way, can be put directly on them, and in this case the sound quality will not be affected.

Installation on the wall: step by step instructions

You need to mount the TV at the same time as the soundbar. If the TV is already hanging on the wall, you will need to remove it and start mounting the kit with the panel. The wall must be strong, so to begin with, make sure it can withstand the weight of the mounted devices. Taking into account the type of wall, select the necessary anchors, screws and screws.

You can fix the soundbar to the wall using a bracket designed specifically for wall mounting. Often the soundbar bracket comes in the set along with the purchased device. Most of the best soundbar under 15000 come with installation brackets that can be used for installing the product and hanging it on the wall.

Installation instructions:

  • The soundbar must be installed at least 10 cm away from the TV.
  • Rest the bracket against the smooth surface of the wall and secure it with a couple of screws. If you place the panel under the body of the TV, make sure that the arrow pointing up (usually indicated on the bracket) is exactly in the center of the TV.
  • Try attaching the screw mounts with the corresponding screw holes on both sides of the main soundbar block. Secure them with the attached screws.
  • Install the panel in the required bracket connectors. To ensure the reliability and strength of the mount, check that the mounting pins are located at the bottom of the connectors.
  • Then comes the connection of the soundbar. The panel cables are connected immediately during installation, because, most likely, it will be difficult to reach the connectors.
  • There are rules for the connection. The most convenient way is to connect the soundbar via the HDMI interface, or via the optical and coaxial inputs (more often this is done if your device model does not have HDMI). More detailed and illustrative instructions on how to connect the soundbar after installation can be viewed in video format, so you can’t go wrong and don’t confuse cables and connectors.

Useful tips

When installing a sound panel, the following rules must be observed:

  • After installation, make sure the fasteners are installed securely. Do not subject it to shocks, do not add extra weight.
  • Make sure the device cables are out of the reach of children. If the child, for example, pulls the cables, then the soundbar could collapse.
  • Do not install the sound panel and subwoofer in high temperature and high humidity environments. It will stop the device from working.
  • For the best performance of the soundbar audio system, keep the prescribed distance from the TV cabinet. It is not recommended to place the device remotely.
  • Remember that the bracket is always mounted on a strong, flat and smooth surface.
  • Before connecting the connectors on the TV case, make sure that all safety regulations are observed.


The soundbar is a wonderful addition to any TV, whether it’s a simple budget model or the more sophisticated system with Smart-TV. The fact is that a true spatial sound with the effect of the environment will always be only an advantage, and only a high-quality sound panel can provide it. We hope that our advice will help you manage the installation by yourself, and the soundbar installed will satisfy you with excellent work!




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