Tips to score good marks in CBSE Class 7 Maths

By fully devoting oneself to the topic, any student in 7th-grade math may get a score of above 90%. Math is crucial at this point in a student’s education and should not be overlooked. You may get the highest possible grade in the subject with appropriate coaching and preparation. Math is important for students to learn since it provides the basis for higher math in classes such as 8th, 9th, and so on. Students may follow their schedule to get high grades and percentages in math since it will help them adapt fast.

Following these amazing techniques may help you get a score of more than 90% on your class 7 math exams.

Begin preparation as soon as possible

Begin your preparation as soon as possible, and do not attempt to postpone it by stating, ” Start my preparation tomorrow.” Always remember that the earlier you begin, the better. Starting your preparation early will help you stay ahead of the game and finish it faster than the competition. This will allow you to review many times and feel more secure about your exams preparation. Math is a topic that needs consistent practice and effort, which will eventually exhaust you; therefore, beginning your preparation early will allow you to rest more. Early preparedness requires good planning, which you may do by following the procedures outlined below:

Attempt to create an acceptable schedule/timetable

  • Stick to the schedule and be disciplined.
  • Make notes that you can go back over later.
  • It is suggested that you avoid using social media throughout the preparatory period.

Try to answer questions on your own

Even though you’re advised to consult reference books and other solution books, you should always attempt to answer the problems on your own first. Make it a habit to solve problems without consulting the answers; this will help you grow and gain confidence. When you read over the answer before solving the question on your own, you are postponing your learning rather than cheating yourself. Students who use a solution book to answer problems during preparation will not be able to solve various kinds of questions during the exams and will not be able to achieve more than 90%. 

To answer questions from tough subjects or chapters, Use RS Aggarwal Class 7 Solutions.  After you’ve used the solution book to answer one kind of question, try solving the same type of question without using the solution book; this will help you get familiar with various types of problems. You may always seek assistance from your instructor if you are having difficulty with a specific issue or subject.

Don’t settle with indifference 

You can’t be inferior if you get a 90 percent on your class 7 math exams, which implies you can’t be content with being an average student. You must put all into your preparation and concentrate on becoming a student who is constantly trying to improve. When students are informed that they are average by their professors or personal tutors, they get self-satisfied, which prevents them from pushing themselves and earning above-average grades. Always be eager for more and attempt perfection. If you want to get a math grade of 90 percent or above, you must be committed.

In the Class 7 maths exam, all of the chapters are essential. However, there are a few chapters that should not be skipped since they are critical for future success and have a score of above 90%. The following are a few of the chapters covered in the Class 7 maths exam:

Integers: This is a crucial chapter. All-natural negative and positive numbers, including zero, are classified as integers and are represented by the letter “Z.”

Fractions and Decimals: Fractions are numbers represented by the formula p/q, where q is not zero. There is a numerator (p) and a denominator (d) for fractions (q). It is termed decimal when the denominator is a power of 10. 

Lines and Angles: This is a crucial chapter. Lines have two ends, and when two lines intersect, an angle is formed. The lines and angles chapter is essential since it will solidify your understanding of angles and related equations, which will be needed in later courses. 

Simple Equation: A simple equation is a relationship between the equations on each side of the equal sign. The basic equation should be memorized completely. This chapter may help you get excellent grades. Proportion is the relationship between two ratios, whereas the ratio is the relationship between two quantities with the same unit. The chapter on ratios and proportions is crucial, and it will generate a lot of questions.

Make a List of Mistakes You’ve Made and What You’ve Learn

When you make a mistake, don’t become discouraged; instead, try to learn from it and make sure you don’t make the same mistake again. You know how capable you are in your head, so don’t let that distract you while you’re underperforming. Students should use their failures to their advantage by studying them and attempting to better by focusing on their weak areas.

Motivate yourself every day

To get excellent grades and pass with flying colors, you must encourage yourself regularly. You must develop a strong work ethic that will pay you in the long term. There are numerous methods to inspire oneself daily; some of them are listed below:

Continue to be hungry and expect more from yourself

  • Don’t settle for the bare minimum or the average; strive to outperform your past results.
  • Remember that no one will act on your behalf; you will always be the one to determine your fate.
  • Set modest objectives for yourself and strive to achieve them.


Exam stress is tiring and may undermine a child’s confidence in his or her ability to do well in examinations. Taking appropriate pauses throughout study time ensures that the child is not overworked. For even better outcomes, consider some fun learning and reviewing methods such as math games, interactive worksheets, puzzle cards, and more. These amazing techniques, along with hard effort, can help you achieve a score of more than 90% on the class 7 maths exams. Every student in the seventh class must take math seriously and not ignore it.

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