Top 5 tools of 2021 to capture your memories in single frame

Picture and video Collages can be very beneficial when you want to put multiple photos and footage in one frame. Therefore, with the help of technological advancements in the digital world aspects like smartphones and cameras, it has become so easy and popular to show off your pictures and videos, your memories over the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., in the form of collages.

People refer to colleges over the internet as they are extremely easy, fun to make, and the final frame of your pictures together is beautiful, and it feels completely worth it.

Therefore, to make the perfect picture collage, you need the best collage maker tools. But as collage-making is a relatively simple process, many people do not consider researching the best collage maker in the market. Yet, since the online audience has started to react to collage frames positively, various collage markers have started to thrive with online influencers, marketers, and other leading online presences worldwide.

So, to help you find the best collage maker, here are the top five different tools of 2021 which will help you capture your memories in the most stylish and eye-appealing ways.

1. InVideo 

InVideo is an application that helps you convert your raw pictures and video footage into a great final product. InVideo has considerable experience serving media companies, small businesses, and other brands to expand the audience engagement percentage and average through the power of video and picture content. InVideo tool is perfect for people like publishers, marketers, influencers, or even agencies who aim to take their online content to a whole different higher level.

Here are the main features that you would enjoy if you would use InVideo as your collage maker.

  1. API
  2. Collaboration tools
  3. Drag and drop feature
  4. Customizable branding
  5. Customizable templates

InVideo also gives you options like advanced editing, pre-build templates, and a content library where you could find the perfect pre-made templates and frames for your video’s clips and photos. You take the help of these pre-made frames to give your collage a professional look and touch. The content library has more than 1500 + trendy and famous pre-build templates, which can later be customized as per your wishes and requirements.

2. Video collage maker 

The Video collage maker helps you mix, merge and edit your precious moments into beautiful & gorgeous collages that your online audience would love. This tool enables you to make and craft your videos and pictures into a beautiful frame in mere a few seconds right within your simple browser. It has a vast and extensive library of collage templates and frames to a section of different styles, color patterns, and other editing features. This application provides you all types of tools that you would need to make your collage of memories.

Here are all the features that you would enjoy while using a video collage maker

  1. It helps you make trendy social media graphics
  2. You can customize the trendy frames into designs that suit your purpose
  3. The library of the application keeps on growing every day
  4. You can make the content ready in almost a few minutes
  5. You do not need any experience to use this application

The application is perfect for people who want to edit their videos or pictures for any specific reason, like any event or any business-related purpose.

3. Ribbet

This application has many different types of unique layouts that would help you collage for almost every occasion. The application enables you by providing you advanced features like crop, resize and even rotate your media. It even allows you to add funny texts or your customized texts to your college without any problem. You can even edit your videos or photos in this application without any significant complications. Here are all of its features that would help you make your collage stunning and beautiful.

  1. The application has a straightforward working interface
  2. You can also make your collages on your smartphone using this application
  3. It even has a free plan available for people who are interested in using the application.
  4. It works both on iOS and Android devices
  5. It has a simple drag and drops feature.

The application has many other features which help you to craft your collage yourself. They are as follows

  1. Ready-made template
  2. Resizing media feature
  3. Corner and border customization
  4. Editing media based on light, exposure, etc.

It has a brilliant interface that helps you make your stunning collage in just a few seconds. You can even try the basic and free version of this application.

4. Adobe Spark 

Adobe Spark is a free application of collage marking in the market by the company Adobe. The application has a very straightforward interface meaning that you do not need any learning curve to operate this software.

Here are all the features that you would get if you use this application

  1. Branded content management
  2. Customized branding
  3. Professional themes
  4. Audio import
  5. Cross-device sync
  6. Personalized branded templates
  7. Cloud storage integrations
  8. Video creation
  9. You can use this application on any device like a laptop or desktop.

5. Canva Collage Templates 

Canva collage templates is another trendy and appealing application feature as it helps you find the perfect collage format for your photos and videos. It enables you to make your collage look professional and unique. With just little practice, you would use this application to create your customized frames and collages. Here are its features that would help you make your collage more beautiful and eye-catching.

  1. It helps you design better
  2. It helps you straighten your media so it looks sharp
  3. It provides you with millions of effects to magnify your media
  4. It has the essential feature of drag and drops
  5. It gives you options like trim, precise and composes

It is an elementary application; you can use it on your smartphones, laptops, or desktops.

Ending note 

You can even use any of these five tools on your desktop or laptop systems apart from your smartphones. Almost all of these tools have a straightforward user interface that would help you operate these tools easily. Plus, once you know any of these tools inside out, you can even use your own creativity to make your own customized frames to give your memories and the final frame a personal and sentimental touch.



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