Top benefits of using a coffin at your loved one’s funeral

Why do people use coffins? If you are wondering the reason why people are more prone to using coffins instead of caskets for funerals, there are multiple reasons why. Not only are there more benefits to using coffins, but there are also traditional reasons that people may choose to use this burial ritual instead of others.

Coffins are used as a funeral rite in many cultures to represent the passing of a loved one. Instead of cremating your loved one or using a casket, coffins are typically the most-used burial structure that people will use to house their loved one as they pass over to the other side.

But what are the other reasons that you should consider using a coffin instead of a casket for a loved one’s funeral? Click here to see the main reason why this type of burial method is the most popular and why you should consider using it if you are tasked with the funeral planning of a loved one.

Benefits of using a coffin for your loved one – why should you choose coffins vs caskets?

If you are wondering why you should use a casket instead of a casket for cremating your loved one, check out the reasons behind why using this burial method is very popular, widely used, and the most traditional option for families and friends alike.

  • Protect the body – one of the main benefits of using a coffin for a funeral is that you can protect the body. Not only will a coffin help prevent the quick decay of your loved one, but you can also deter criminals or grave robbers from breaking into the coffin. To avoid the body being stolen or any jewelry you have being stolen by grave robbers, using a coffin is often considered more secure and safer than using a casket.
  • Display the body during viewing – if you are hosting a funeral for your loved one, then you need to make sure it is as beautiful and honorable as possible. To pay homage to your loved one who passed, consider using an open coffin so you can show your loved one to their friends and family before the burial process.
  • Protect the public – the next reason to consider using a coffin for a funeral is that it can be the safest and most hygienic way to hold a body. If you find that your loved one has died from an infectious disease, using a coffin can be the best way to prevent any bacteria or spreadable viruses from escaping the coffin.
  • Preserve the body – the next reason to consider using a coffin for your loved one is to keep the body in good condition. To honor your loved one and prevent any decay form ruining the body after burial, using a coffin is the best way that you can keep the body in good condition for longer, preserve the condition of the body, and prevent any dirt, debris, and soil from entering through the cracks in the coffin and causing a disturbance to the body.
  • Honor their memory – another reason that you could consider using a coffin to bury your loved one and remember their memory is to honor their personality and their memory. Instead of just using a casket that you do not put a lot of thought into or using cremation, customizing a coffin that you love one would show that you took the time and effort to select the best choice.
  • Sense of closure – the last reason that you could consider using a coffin instead of a casket or cremation for your loved one is for a sense of closure. If you’re having trouble letting go of your loved one, you are grieving about their passing, and you need a sense of closure to move on from this tough time, going through the funeral process and burial with a coffin can sometimes be the best way to understand what is really going on.


Are you considering using a coffin or a casket to bury your loved one? If the answer is yes, then you need to consider the pros and cons of each burial and remembrance method. Using a coffin is often the most traditional and widely used method to help remember your loved one through a funeral and burial process – to remember the good times, honor their memory, and create a beautiful ceremony, consider using a coffin to bury your loved one.

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