7 Great The Forest Mods [Updated June 2020] with download links

I hope you are doing well. Today, I am going to show you some great the forest mods. If you can’t select the right mode then you have come to the right place. Here I will try my best to assist you in selecting mods. So let’s get into it.

Since you know, the forest is a well-known action survival game. You will be surprised to get the feel similar to the real world because the player jumps from the plane and then he got crashed in the forest illusions. The interesting point here is that you will not be dead after the crash but you are still alive.

In these mods, you are able to create an online server and also can play games with your friends online. This will enhance the thrill because you will be playing among your friends. Also, it will give you many great features. Read the forest mods below.


Top 7 the forest mods


1-Player Upgrade Points

As you can get a hint from the name this me allows you to upgrade your points because of the implementation of the RPG system.

You will earn points for killing enemies, destroying their places and fighting with them. This also allows you to get points for more shooting. But wait, you might reduce your points usage when you get plane crash, block damage, height jump, and body stamina.

The good news here is that you can gain that point again by simply shooting the enemies. Personally, I recommend this mod because you will enjoy and feel very realistic while playing this mod.


Download Player Upgrade points mod

( the forest mods )




2-Easy Building


Have you ever tried to create a shelter house to get safe from enemies? It seems to be very realistic. This mode is also known as the Minecraft twilight forest.

In this mod, you can experience the emotions and feelings. You would build a building or a safe house in a night to stay there and get rid of enemies. Your team players can also yu help in this regard.

This mod allows you quite easy building methods and also provides space for your safe house. You will spend your energy on this thus it will decrease the expenses up to half.

i am damn sure that you would love to create your shelter. It might look like your dream house. So what are you waiting for download this mod now?

Download Easy Building mod

the forest mods




3- Day 22 Spawn change ( the forest mods )

We all have played the game and you may be any type of player but most probably you are mutants and cannibals. Here, you can set your game according to your taste. If you are a beginner then you can simply set the spawn limit to zero.

Want to increase your spawn rates? You can do so by creating a battle with cannibals.

Download Spawnchange


the forest mods




4- Full Inventory Forest


Ths mod assists the player to receive crafts and item players. You can get the craft items when you press I button on your keyboard. Moreover, you can see the full information about a particular item by moving the cursor onto that item and then simply click on it.

Download Full Inventory



5- Longer Days and Nights ( the forest console commands )

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about days and nights? You have played many games in which the environment is always night or bright. But, the night experience is a thrilling mod. Some well-known games like GTA VC has both environments and players can also change it by cheat codes.

Since you know, in-game the night or day is changed after 20 minutes according to game time. so in this way, it is quite difficult to start from a new end.

Dont worry, we are here to present you this great mod so that you can get the forest console commands also. The plus point here is that it can also give you double time for the night to build your shelter to get rid of enemies.

Download Longer days and Nights




the forest mods



6-Active Shadows [ the forest mods multiplayer ]

with the evolution of technology, the multiplayer feature is really great for gamers. They can play with their friends and enhance the joy of playing games as compared to single player.

This mod will assist you to play with your friends and also gives you a bright shining light which helps you to see the cannibals very easily.


Download Active shadows 



7-Champions of the forest ( the forest mods )


Are you waiting for the forest mods? So this mode is a perfect fit for you. This will give you custom weapons, inventory and custom stats. It also allows you proper saving which ultimately reduces shelter cost.

Players can also spell to create more realistic graphics. You can also choose a great variety of perks. Visuals are very amazing. Enemies also have weapons.

The interesting point is that player has wanted levels like level 1 and level 2. This tells the efficiency of killing enemies. So players also wanted to attain a higher level so that they can easily kill enemies.

Download Champions of the forest

the forest mods




How to install the forest mods


Installing the forest mods is not a complex installation it is as easy as 1,2,3. Simply download and install it.

So what are you thinking about these mods? Comment below so that I can also know my viewer’s suggestions.

If you want to comment to me, you can do so by contacting me on this page.

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