Top Reasons NetbaseQuid Reveals How Social Media Influences Your Brand

If you have not done any social listening yet, or you don’t know what this is, there are thousands of data out there that you can process and analyze about your brand. In this process, you can find out what your clients or potential clients think and say about you and your business, so you can satisfy their needs, clean up your reputation and even find ideas for new lines of business. In case this has not helped you to know how important social listening is for any business, here are some advantages that will surely convince you that you have to do this for your brand.

Identify Wins or Mistakes

You can review the publications of your social networks and see what your followers think of them. This way you will know what they liked more or less, which means that it will give you information about what has been more successful or what has been a complete failure. When you know what has worked very well within your strategy, you can use it in future campaigns, just as you can stop running campaigns that have not worked for you before.

Discover Weak Points in Your Sector

You can discover gaps that exist in the sector you work in and fill them with your business. You can also find out about things that are not working in your company and fix these problems before they get worse.

Find Out Information About Your Customers

Social networks give a lot of information about people, and social listening allows you to know what your customers share on their channels. Therefore, you can know what they think about their accounts, what other tools they use and what they need, etc. You will be able to collect a lot of information that is important for the development of your business and for future actions.

Getting New Clients

Many times people ask for recommendations on social networks. You can use this information to, recommend products or services from your brand that meet their needs. By responding quickly to the indicated messages, you can win new customers.

Managing Your Online Reputation

In social media networks, you can detect the times that your brand has been mentioned and do an investigation and see if the mentions are good or bad. If there are conversations around something negative about your company, you can even turn it around in your favor. There are businesses that may comment using humor on the subject that is being talked about and manage to change and improve their brand image in the market. Your online reputation is important to your brand and so you should make every effort to find out what is being said and find ways like this to clean it up. 

Looking To Work With Influencers

Letting people know you by word of mouth is a good marketing strategy. People trust what other people tell them before they trust what an ad says. You can investigate which influencers talk about you, mention your brand or that of your competitors and make an analysis of them. Maybe in the future, you may want to collaborate with them. 


To learn more about this topic, you may want to visit NetbaseQuid where you will find out more about social media listening strategies. The company implements new strategies for social media analytics and uses tactics to discover what is trending on social media and so, they stay abreast of social media platforms and what is being talked about. You can benefit from this. 

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