Top Salesforce Trailhead Trails to Help Beginner Users and Admins

Trailhead is the most effective way for Salesforce to learn how to leverage the platform at best. You can easily learn through the Trails, a collection of different learning models to teach you about specific Salesforce features.

You can easily read through the examples, take the quizzes to evaluate your knowledge. It is also possible to practice by building various configurations in Salesforce Sandbox or practice settings to gain hands-on knowledge and experience of different features.

There are more than 85 Trails out there which you can choose from. But getting started with the trailhead can be intimidating to beginners. This article will discuss the most helpful Salesforce Trains for beginners to focus on to become a Salesforce expert.

These Trials will also help the enterprise teams to work faster, better, and save a lot of time. For beginners, it is advisable to take enough time and spare your efforts to learn how each module and features of Salesforce work and how to leverage the best benefits of it.

In this article, we are only exploring the top trails for beginners, but there are plenty more that you can explore and get a more in-depth understanding and knowledge.

Know what Salesforce is

Even if you haven’t used any CRM before, you can choose the Grow Faster with CRM Trail, an ideal trailhead for beginners to start with It offers you a very clear and high-level overview of a Customer Relationship Management platform and why Salesforce is an ideal CRM to explore.

It can also introduce different products offered by Salesforce as Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, etc. This trial is about 3 hours 15 minutes in length, but if you plan to save time, you can try skipping the last module of Contact Center Transformation.

For beginners and medium-skilled admins

Admin Beginner trail on Salesforce is the best way to start learning This is a comprehensive trail, which will give you an introduction to how exactly one should use also gives an introduction to data modelling, which may sound a bit intimidating to beginners.

However, this teaches you about the various objects and what each of them is used for. You will also learn about the best practices in data management and Salesforce Lightning, how to build on it, and its handy features.

The Admin Beginner Trail also wraps up many customization options for mobile and other devices and building dashboards and reports on Salesforce Lightning. This is an 8-hour 55-minute trail, which may sound a bit lengthy and demanding. However, you can break it down to further modules for easy coverage.

The first module of Salesforce platform basics is just 55-minutes long. Once you master the admin module, you can check out the Admin Intermediate and then Admin Advanced Trails to gather more knowledge on it.

Getting started with lightning

Salesforce Lightning is considered to be the future of Salesforce. So, you need to understand how this works and what changes can be expected in the future. There is no better way than the trails to get started with Lightning and learn more about it.

This comprehensive trail will give you an overview of Lightning’s basics and include a Lightning Experience Rollout Module, too, which will help you set users for a successful lightning experience.

The latest Lightning comes with an innovative user interface, making it much easier for the users to browse through the features. This trail is 9 hours 25 minutes long, but you can get through it quite faster than that by understanding how lighting upgrade works.

As Flosum experts advise, it will help you to better adapt it in the future and makes it easy for the new learners.

Discovering Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the area where you may first start using It is also known as the backbone of Salesforce org. often, other cloud results are also dependent on Sales Cloud. You can explore the Discover Sales Cloud trail, which is 1 hour, 40 minutes in length, learning which is divided into two sessions.

The first one is What Sales Cloud Is, with which you can further learn to customize it and work on it. You can explore Sales Cloud Quick Look, which is included in the Grow Faster with CRM trail also. If you complete this one, you may be able to start on Sales for Cloud.

Customize and enhance your Salesforce

This is a simple and helpful trail, which will take you through the App Exchange basics. It is a simple 45-minute trail, which will help you to navigate the App Exchange quickly and easily to find the most helpful apps out there for Salesforce or you will also learn about what App Exchange is, and then you may spend some time learning how to navigate through the vast range of choices on a text change.

With many apps ranging from simple documentation tools to fully integrated project management tools, there can be a lot to take in. This trail module will help you be comfortable in the sea of apps available at App Exchange and enable your team to search through it to find the most desirable ones.

Once you implement it you can make specific strategies to boost your business. You can carefully sort and manage your work and give specific results based on your customer requirements. Ensure that you use the best. 

These are a few quick trails you can explore on Salesforce or learn different aspects of it. It will help you work faster and easier, and apart from these five, there are plenty more trailhead trails available out there, which you can explore one by one as you advance in your Salesforce experience.

You can learn through these trails by exploring different examples also. Remember to take all the quizzes available out there to test your knowledge after you learn each trial. Going through the trailheads is an enjoyable and fun learning experience to understand Salesforce concepts much quicker and easier. Titan Surveys is an app for survey integrated with salesforce with easy to use features.

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