Unique advantages that TikTok Brings to its Creators and marketers

Unique advantages that TikTok Brings to its Creators and marketers

Business owner’s main aim is to bring their products and services in front of as many people as possible. Be visible in front of the best thing that can happen to a brand. There are many advantages that marketers can derive from social media platforms, especially TikTok. Four billion people globally have downloaded the TikTok app which is more than 50 % of the global population.  The USA alone accounts for 100 million out of these numbers. This is a huge market for both the business and marketers to earn handsome revenue.

Short content that drives home the point that a video creator expects in the first place. Today’s time is of the essence and people have been bombarded with a slew of digital messages on various social media platforms in addition to pushing email and SMS marketing. This has helped the cause of TikTok videos to become viral. To gain views and likes, many TikTok Owners buy TikTok followers from Third-party sources for a fee as it helps them to gain instant recognition and in turn attracts organic viewers.

TikTok’s 4 major content category

TikTok's 4 major content category


1. Copycat Content


This form of content is quite popular on TikTok and does not raise any eyebrows as compared to other social media platforms which discourage creators from duplicating or copying others’ contents.

Because of the unique format of TikTok that has a short duration with background music, many are inspired to use the same background music and present their video which is almost similar, repetitive, yet interesting enough to be watched. There is no copyright infringement when someone copies other content on TikTok and that has been a great boost to the engagement and visibility for creators. The TikTok app user-friendly tool allows one to copy the background music easily with just a tap on the designated button.

2. Educational content

It may sound impossible to create educational videos within 60 seconds but if one is creative enough then, the short burst of tutorials can be extremely handy for the audience. This could also be a form of TikTok marketing on whatever is the purpose of that content. For example, one can have a 60-second clip that will be like “3 tips on how to market on TikTok. The first 3 seconds will be on what is the topic. The next 45 seconds to be divided into 15 seconds for each tip with a conclusion in the end. This is short and crisp and enough to captivate the audience into viewing the full video and even sharing them.

3. Business content

There are many types of such content on this platform and one can make similar ones. While it is not possible to cover everything in one short video, it makes sense to give a preview or a teaser on the first video and then push people to watch the subsequent videos for more information or direct them with a link to one’s website or YouTube channel.  Remember, TikTok feeds on similar content, and the more your continuity on the content type the more audience it will attract.

 4. Live stream

Live streams allow one to get instant exposure and the good thing about TikTok is that it gives an alert to its user. This may influence them to watch regardless of whether they are followers or not.

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