Vehicle Verification in Pakstan

Vehicle Verification in Pakstan 

Now you can Verify your vehicle by just entering your Registered Vehicle number on the site for free

Remember: If you are a Pakistani, then you should Read this Post. 

 It Will Work Only In Pakistan.


Technology has developed too much that is very good for us. For example in Past, you have to get all documents and papers of ehicle and then go to Excise Office to verify your vehicle,but now the days of past are gone and we are in the world of Latest technology which make very fast and secure to verify your vehicle.




All you have to do is : 

Simply enter your Vehicle Number and click on Search.

when you search for a vehicle the site shows you :

Price of Vehicle 
Engine Number
Owner name and his father name, 
Chasis Number
Maker Name
Registration date and time
Owner City 
Token Tax

You can verify any vehicle if you Have a the Number of that Vehicle

For Example: LEL-18A-1234 

You Can Enter Your Number Here and see the Results:

Vehicle Number:

if this is not working you can ENTER YOUR NUMBER HERE.
You Can Type Different Formats Of Numbers Such as : 
LEK 1234
LEW 912

Use this Only Vehicle Verification Purpose.
Newly Registered Vehicle data cannot be available as it requires time to proceed and a new record. 

If you register your vehicle recently,please wait it will take 1-2 months to update.

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