Want To Gauge Your Brand Health And Perception? Use Social Media Analysis From Netbase Quid

As consumers become more aware of environmental and social justice causes in the U.S. and around the world, they are more cautious about which companies with whom they do business. Thus, should your company find itself being shunned by consumers over a perceived lack of sensitivity or unethical practices, the results can be disastrous financially and from a public relations standpoint. To accurately gauge your brand health and perception, rely on social media analysis from Netbase Quid.

Consumers Control Brand Perception

If you think your company controls the perception of your brand, you are wrong. In fact, consumers are the ones who have control of this situation on a daily basis. As a result, virtually every interaction consumers have with your brand finds its way to social media at some point. Whether someone makes a casual comment to a Facebook friend about how much they enjoyed a product or instead go on Twitter and give a company poor marks for product quality or customer service, a crisis can develop before you are even aware a problem exists. By using social media analysis, you and your company can stay ahead of current trends, monitor consumer feedback channels in real-time, and develop strategies that will keep you ahead of your competitors and stave off any problems that may be brewing.

Amplifying Your Strengths

Through social media analysis, you can amplify the strengths of your company. Since it is often emotions that eventually drive a consumer to select a certain brand, knowing how to impact those emotions with marketing strategies of various types can make all the difference in the world. By analyzing your audience perceptions at local, regional, and even global levels, you’ll soon know which marketing strategies are most effective. Whether it’s a digital marketing campaign on Facebook or television commercials currently airing, amplifying your strengths in these areas will always keep you ahead of the competition.

Increasing Loyalty

For your company to be successful not only now but in the years ahead, you need consumers who will be loyal to your brand. While having a product of high quality will certainly go a long way, it is not the only factor that comes into play in these situations. Since your competitors will also have solid products, you’ll need to learn more about the deciding factors consumers use in choosing your product versus that of your competitor. To do so, you need social media analysis from Netbase Quid. As you might know, brands perceived to be strong and healthy have been proven to generate higher profits, demonstrating the incredible importance of brand perception. By using the many techniques of Netbase Quid social media analysis, you can stay one step ahead of others in your industry.

Company Messaging and the News Narrative

In using these social media analysis techniques from Netbase Quid, you can evaluate your company messaging and the accompanying news narrative. For example, you will discover if the messaging put out by your company does indeed reflect its core values, beliefs, and mission. Also, you can learn how your company is being tracked and discussed in the news. With this knowledge, you can then identify new and innovative opportunities, examine risks and trends, and evaluate your company’s current partnerships to see if changes need to be made.

Should you want to learn more about how an analysis of social media can improve your company’s bottom line, talk to the experts at Netbase Quid. Whether it’s heading off a crisis or knowing how to market your product to a new audience, Netbase Quid can give you the tools needed for success.

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