What Are the Benefits of Using Dropbox?

Whether you deal with many files for personal or business use, having a way to keep them organized is crucial.

One popular cloud storage option is Dropbox. More than 700 million people make use of this storage option, so it’s clear that it works well for many people.

Do you currently use Dropbox? Are you looking into making the switch? This guide covers the top benefits of using Dropbox so that you know what you’re signing up for.

Ease of Setup

If you’re a new user, one of the most significant Dropbox benefits is how easy it is to get started. Setting up your account requires nothing more than a simple email and password.

You don’t need to enter hoards of personal information or complete any complicated processes to sign up. Because of how easy it is, even people without much computer knowledge can use this storage option with ease!

Easy to Use

The simplicity of setting up your account gets carried right into learning how to use Dropbox.

All you need to do is open it up, and you can upload or download files with a few clicks (or taps, if you’re on a mobile device). Exporting files to send to people through email is also simple, so learning the ins and outs won’t take long if you’re short on time.

Free to Use

Another one of the major benefits of Dropbox is the fact that it’s free to use. Many other cloud storage options cost money for even minimal use, and the more you store, the more expensive it becomes.

Not having to pay anything makes this a fantastic option for personal use and an excellent way for businesses to save money while still keeping their files safe and organized.

The fact that it’s free also makes it more likely that your coworkers and family members won’t mind signing up so you can share things with them this way.

Your Files Are Secure

Have you ever lost access to an important file? This can have detrimental impacts, especially if it is something important for work.

Even damaging your computer can lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of lost files that you might not ever be able to retrieve. Thankfully, using Dropbox to store files eliminates this from being an issue.

Since files are stored on the cloud, not on a physical device, they can be retrieved even if something happens to your computer.

Plus, the files are encrypted, so they’re secure from an external security standpoint too. This can give you some peace of mind that even if you’re sharing sensitive company information through Dropbox, it’s safe to use.

Use Multiple Devices

Another perk of this option is being able to pull up your files from multiple different devices.

As we mentioned earlier, your things are stored in the cloud, so all you need to do is log in to your account, and your saved files will be available. This means that you can switch computers or use a tablet or laptop and still have access to what you need. All of this is possible without sending files back and forth.

As you update files on one device and save them, they will be updated when you pull them up using any other device. This can prevent you from having multiple versions of the same file.

If you do find yourself with duplicates, they’re easy to remove. This will help you keep things organized and fresh-looking.

File Sharing Options

It’s easy enough to share files with others by attaching them to an email and sending them that way. Dropbox makes it even easier by allowing you to share files with other Dropbox users.

This is perfect for a small team in a business or a family looking to share photos with one another.

On the other hand, you can lock them with a password if you don’t want to share your files and want to be extra sure that they’re safe from being viewed. This prevents anyone else from gaining access to this information.

If you want only a select few people to have access to that file, simply share the password with them.

Accidental Deletion Has an Easy Fix

One thing that makes Dropbox for beginners a breeze is the ability to retrieve a file you accidentally deleted.

When you’re first learning to use Dropbox, you might accidentally delete an important file. With other storage options, this might be permanent. Your file would be gone forever, and you would have to deal with the consequences.

With Dropbox, there’s an undo button for you to click. Once you press it, your file is un-deleted, and it will appear again for you to access. This feature can be a lifesaver.

Work Without Internet

One final Dropbox benefit to keep in mind is that you can work without using the internet. If you’re in a place without access to wifi or phone service, you can still open them and work on them.

To do this, just mark them as available for offline use ahead of time, so they’re ready to go.

Using Dropbox Provides Countless Benefits

There are many different benefits of using Dropbox, no matter what you’re using it for.

From the ease of setting up an account to the fact that it’s free, it’s certainly worth giving it a try.

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