What Can You Do With A Browser-Based PDF Editor and Converter?

If you haven’t been using online, web-based tools like PDF editor and converter for your daily tasks, then it’s high time that you do. A browser-based PDF tool is not only accessible from any platform, but it’s also a great way to be more flexible with your workload. So whether you are out of the office or on vacation, you can easily do urgent revisions if needed with only a browser and an Internet connection. 

So what can you exactly do with this tool? In this article, we’ve listed down four of the most common operations you can use a PDF editor and converter site for. From simple file compression to conversion, you can do so much in so little time with a trusty PDF editor. Here are the things you can do:

Convert Microsoft Office files to PDF and vice-versa

PDF conversions happen every day. Whether it is converting to and from PDF, you won’t need to open the standalone, separate PDF editor for it. Open another tab, access the site for a PDF editor and converter like PDF Bear, then choose the exact conversion tool you need to use. Every conversion type available has its own tool, so you don’t need to worry about what type of file extension you are converting from.

One of the most common types of conversions is Word to PDF. This conversion is preferable for sending a file that won’t change in formatting once shared. If you don’t know the exact software the file’s receiver is using, a safe bet to do is convert the Word file to PDF so that it won’t reformat. If you use mainly GDocs for creating documents, an online PDF editor and converter is the right fit.

Password-protect documents

Password protection is a necessary security feature for PDFs that contain personal and private information. If the data in your PDF file is confidential, gatekeeping should be a feature before someone can open and read the file in question. With browser-based PDF applications, you can easily add encryption and password-protection in less than five minutes. 

If you are doing batch encryption, you can set the tool to do it as well. For businesses that work with these types of files, having access to a tool that can effortlessly do batch transactions is a godsend. The best part? This feature is free, and you can use it anywhere, from any device.

Repair PDF files

Corrupted PDF files can be a hassle. You have two options when you are faced with this situation: the first one is to ask for a resend of the file from the original sender; the second is to repair the already-shared file. The former is the better option, as you basically just upload the file on the browser-based PDF application and download the resulting file. Whether it’s a broken file or a corrupted document, the tool will effortlessly repair it.

Compress heavy documents

Sending and sharing files over messaging platforms can be a pain when you have a heavy file in your hand. Most of these sharing platforms can only send 25MB of file. For PDF files with vectors, images, and other graphic elements, a 25MB limitation is almost impossible to achieve. Thankfully, the technology on compressing PDFs is accessible online, and you can simply upload the PDF and decide on how stringent the compression is.


Web-based PDF editors and converters are the future. When you want to make the most out of your time every day, going for this route is key. You won’t have to open a separate application that will probably eat up too much of your RAM, making your computer slower. With an online PDF editor, all you need is to open a new tab from your browser, access the site, and you’re pretty much set. A 15-30 minute task will only take you less than 5 minutes!

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