What features of Seeker Pro 2 make it reliable for night climbers?

Are you fond of visiting forests during nighttime? Or you find fun at nighttime camping? If yes, then before going for tours it is essential to complete your trip bag to enjoy every moment of your camping. Off all these torches is an essential tool your bag must-have. Now you may be thinking are all flashlights reliable and made for camping purposes? You may say yes, but not all are of premium quality. Therefore, if you want some reliable product that may be a companion during your nighttime tours then you should give a chance to seeker pro 2. It is one of the high-quality flashlights available in the market. The key features that make it a product of choice are given below


The slim, stylish, and attractive design of the flashlight is user-friendly. It features a side switch that allows you to adjust the brightness. Around each switch is present a brightness level indicator so you can press it according to your need. Moreover, the torch is durable and light in weight. It is about 5 inches long and just 7 ounces in weight. Moreover, the well-constructed torch is ideal to use for outdoor as well as indoor applications. The design includes finger grooves and a non-slip silicone surface. Thus, it helps you to keep the grip strong and even your hands are wet or greasy you can hold the flashlight firmly.

Bright Light Beam

One key feature of the flashlight from the house of Olight is the emission of a super bright beam of 3200 lumens. The light that emerges from Seeker Pro 2 helps you to see the product at least 273 yards away from you. Thus, it offers close and long-range illumination and you can do your track without fear https://www.olightstore.com.

Battery Power

Seeker Pro 2 comes with rechargeable batteries. If you use it at a lower level of brightness then the battery gives the backup time of 12 days. The torch is equipped with a 5000mAh rechargeable battery. For the convenience of the user, the designer has added the dock that enables the user to charge on the go or indoors.

Specifications of seeker pro 2

The flashlight has 3 LEDs with CCT of 5700-6500K that deliver light with a peak beam intensity of 156500 cd. Moreover, the waterproof flashlight has an IP rating of 2m and impact resistance of 1.5 m. 

The flashlight is ideal to use in any environment. It works best during rains, thunderstorms, or snowtime. High lumen power will not allow loose brightness in any weather condition. If you want to buy the Olight seeker Pro 2 you can check the website. Here you will get detail about the product and directly order to get the product at your doorstep. There are available wide range of Olight flashlight. You can choose the one that meets your need. You can find Obulb, mini torchlight. Flashlight for climbers, and torch with chains and belts for easy carriage. For more information about products visit the website. Click on the link below to check to explore the catalog.

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