What is Product Rendering?

Most people are curious to know what is product rendering and which opportunities it has offered to the rendering industry. All the designers appreciate this way to save time and effort. You don’t need to arrange the photoshoots, expensive furniture, or other items to capture the photo. You need to tell the designer to generate a photo, and you will get photorealistic images with proper background maintenance, weather, sharpness, brightness, and colours.

If you want to get more details about 3D product rendering, this article is written for you!

Stages of Product Rendering

There are certain stages of 3D product rendering that are given below:

#1. Rendering

The 3D photos are converted into 2D images with the help of software.

#2. 3D Modeling

The mathematical representation is done in three dimensions with the help of 3D modelling software to generate 3D images.

#3. Lighting

The management of the light sources and the adjustment of overall light schemes are done.

#4. Camera Setting

The camera views are set according to the angle of the place.

#5. Texturing

The CG textures are converted into 3D models with the help of texture.

#6. Post-Production

The photo is edited by adding visual effects to make it good.

Role of Product Rendering

The rendering is the unique method to promote the project, and it has added value to the marketing. The designers and manufacturers admire it as well because you can even know the future demand of your project by doing the rendering at present.

#1. Smooth Presentation

The photorealistic images show all the textures and materials to attract clients. This is a more powerful technique to get customers by allowing the smooth presentation of the project. The results of the photorealistic model reflect the quality of the product.

#2. Effective Customer Testing

This is an amazing way for testing your model because you don’t need to spend efforts and money on unsuccessful models. Just pay attention to the model of interest and final it after testing. The advanced market value of the product can be noticed.

#3. Cost-Effective Process

Getting the photorealistic images instead of arranging all the accessories for the photo will also save you money. The designers generate different images as prototypes for testing and charge you for the last and final photo by your side.

#4. Faster CGI Results

The rendering is a time saver method as you get the ordered image within a few hours or days. The faster responses help you to early work and quick promotion of your project. If you want any alteration, you will get the re-edited image within a few seconds.

#5. Handy and Flexible Designs

The new ideas can be generated easily by a prototype of it. The flexibility of this technique allows you to change anything anywhere if you got it incomplete or inaccurate. The amazing and newly designed ideas can be done with more perfection.


Every person wants to get their work at peak, and it is not easy. You have to do several formalities and arrangements while doing your work’s publicity. The only method you can enjoy free of cost is product rendering. The photorealistic images are generated with the complete maintenance of effects even you can feel the warmness or coldness of the room as well. If you are looking for the amazing results of 3D product rendering, contact CGIFURNITURE!

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