What is the Work of SEO Executive?

With many businesses migrating online and finding it hard to break through, the role of SEO has never been more pronounced. As more businesses learn about the impact SEO can have on their business, an SEO company‘s need has increased. With the recruitment of SEO executives on the rise, companies need to understand their role and factor their position into the overall organizational goals.

What Does An SEO Executive Do?

An SEO executive’s primary focus is to improve the organization’s website rankings on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The executive also ensures proper on-page optimization to generate relevant search results and an improved user experience. Other things include; increasing brand awareness, growing site traffic, and improving lead volume.

From a marketing perspective, an SEO executive has quite the same role as a marketer. The goal is to generate more revenue for the organization. This means that an SEO executive should play an integral part in the marketing strategy, especially for online activities.

The marketing objectives can be met via smart on-page tactics such as clean URLs, keyword tagging, and internal linking. Such tactics will increase the website’s visibility on search engines and ultimately translate into increased traffic and generate more sales.

Some Key Tasks Of An SEO Executive

Working With Relevant Keywords

The fundamentals of SEO are keywords. Knowing the keywords relevant to a particular field and using them efficiently should easily come to the SEO executive. Relevant keywords play a vital role when it comes to ranking on search engines. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can only be successful when you have a strong keyword base. That is the job of an SEO executive. Finding relevant keywords via different keyword-finding tools such as keywordtool.io, Google keyword planner, SEMrush, and others should be done by the SEO executive.

Tracking Competitor Activities

Business is all about offering the best product and services to satisfy your customers. But it would help if you never ruled out the competition. Keeping an eye on what your competition is up to is standard business practice. With a lot of activity online, it is much easier to track your competitors’ activities and formulate strategies that will ensure that you remain innovative. 

The SEO executive is in a prime position to track your competitors’ actions because they are always looking for keywords associated with the industry and often come across moves set in motion by competitors. Things to look out for include; adverts, pricing, sponsorship deals, ambassadorial deals, and other things that might present either a conflict of interest or an opportunity to exploit or innovate.

Crafting And Implementation Of SEO And SEM Strategy

The strategy to be crafted and implemented for SEO and SEM must have the input of the SEO executive and the marketing department; if not, it will not be effective. The active participation of the SEO executive and the marketing department will help search for relevant keywords. These keywords will then influence the crafting and implementation of the SEO and SEM strategies.

Improving Blog Quality

On the internet, content is king, and that is why so many websites have blogs. The blogs are meant to offer relevant content that is filled with keywords. Having a blog that has good content laced with relevant keywords will greatly improve your Alexa ranking. An SEO company should work with the content department to ensure the right things are done.

Of course, writing well alone will not get you ranked high. The quality of content and the relevance of keywords are what get you ranked higher. So the SEO executive must work with the content team to infuse the elements of SEO into their content so that it is properly optimized for search results. When working with content teams, the areas to concentrate on include; tags, focus keywords, meta keywords, and meta descriptions. This will enable the content team to put out great write-ups filled with the relevant keywords and optimize the content for search results.

Constant Analysis And Improvements

The only way to improve your SEO is by monitoring and evaluating it. This is a job for the SEO executive. The frequency of the analysis may vary depending on the season or a campaign. During peak periods such as the end of the year, a weekly analysis may be required. A once a month analysis should suffice for off-peak periods.

With the help of tools such as Google Analytics, the SEO executive should measure SEO strategies’ performance. Records of the results should be documented and kept for future reference as they may offer some insight later. The job of an SEO executive is an interesting one and may seem all-encompassing in its scope. It is necessary to navigate the murky waters of doing business online and ranking high in searches.


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