What to expect from a specialist pilates instructor

What to expect from a pilates instructor can be a confusing and daunting topic for many first-time Pilates students. The first thing to look at is the Pilates Method and how it differs from most other fitness systems. Then we must look at what the purpose of pilates is. And finally, we must consider what to expect from a pilates instructor. These three considerations should help you understand what to expect from a pilates instructor when you sign up for your first pilates class. Here they are:

The purpose of pilates is to improve flexibility, strengthen the core muscles and elongate the spine. Pilates is meant to be safe and easy. That’s why most pilates instructors do not wear special exercise gear, as pilates is simply about flexible posture correction using your own body weight.

Have A Background In Sports Medicine And/Or Psychology

So, what does a pilates instructor need to know? Well, there are many facets to pilates that make it a great fitness program. A pilates instructor is also expected to have a background in sports medicine and/or psychology. They must be able to help their students understand the physical benefits of pilates while helping them develop psychological skills that will benefit their bodies long after they leave the classroom. This combination of educational background and actual application makes pilates a perfect fitness program for anyone from beginner to athlete. Anyone who wants to become more flexible and strengthen their core muscles can do so with pilates.

Have Is An Actual Pilates Classroom

Another aspect that a pilates instructor should have is an actual pilates classroom. This classroom consists of mats on the floor, with individual instructors for every student. This helps prevent students from tripping or falling on the mat floor which is such a common occurrence in most gyms. Some pilates teachers even encourage their students to bring water during the classes. The ideal environment for learning pilates exercises is a well-lit room with non-fatigued surfaces.

If you have your eye on becoming a pilates instructor, then you are ready to sign up for some classes. However, before you actually sign up, find out what qualifications and certifications you need to hold. There are a few schools out there that require a college degree in kinesiology or gymnastics first in addition to a pilates exercises teacher certification. If you are going to pursue this goal, then you should set some goals regarding what certification you will need.

Having An Extensive Amount Of Knowledge About All Levels Of Pilates Exercises

One of the things that you can expect from a pilates instructor is having an extensive amount of knowledge about all levels of pilates exercises like Pea Pilates offered. You should be able to answer questions from beginners all the way up to advanced dancers. You will have to have taken classes in various forms of pilates. So make sure that you take at least a beginner course in addition to one that covers more advanced areas of pilates exercises. 

Once you have the necessary schooling, you can start looking for what to expect from a professional Pilates instructor. You should always be prepared to ask questions concerning pilates exercise routines. You want to understand how the exercise routines work and how they are being applied. At the same time, you also want to know when to increase or decrease the level of resistance. Sometimes it depends on the type of exercise that you are doing. For instance, if you are using the reformer board, then you want to be able to increase the resistance as your strength increases.

When you get to the pilates studio, make sure that there is plenty to keep you occupied. If it is a class, then figure out where your seat will be and where you will need to go for your pilates exercises. At the end of the class, you might want to go home and relax for a few hours before you begin your next pilates exercise routine. Whatever you do, just be aware that you are taking an active part in your exercise regimen. That is what pilates is all about, and that is what you can expect from a specialist pilates instructor.

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