When Buying a Wig, What Should I Look For?

Buying a wig for the first time can be difficult, so learning the Wig terminology and understanding what to look for can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind:


Before you start shopping, have an idea of what styles you like.

Wig Cap Construction

Consider how you want the wig’s hair to fall to assist you to decide which wig cap construction to use.

Complete Hair Loss

If you have complete hair loss, a lace front wig may be preferable to guarantee that your wig stays in place.

Hand Tied Wigs

If you want to switch up your hairstyles frequently, these are ideal.

Synthetic Wigs?

It’s a difficult choice, but depending on your demands, synthetic hair and human hair all have their own advantages.

Cap Sizes

Your wig will fit properly and comfortably if you choose the right capsize.

Wig Cap vs No Wig Cap

Do you have a sensitive scalp and possibly benefit from a wig cap?

What to look for when buying a wig?

  • First and foremost, let’s talk about fashion. When choosing a wigform hair store, you must first decide on the look you want to achieve. You might want to choose a wig style that matches the style of your hair, or you might be feeling daring and want to try something new. In any case, picking on the color and cut will help you get started on your shopping adventure!
  • This will assist you in determining which hat structure is best for you once you’ve chosen a style. A lace front wig allows you to part the hair on the wig wherever you wish if you prefer to wear your hair away from your face. This gives you the freedom to style the wig in the way that best suits you, allowing you to feel more at ease and confident in your new wig.
  • If you’ve lost all of your hair, it’s critical to find a wig that will look amazing and stay in place all day while also being comfortable. Lace front wigs are ideal for this as well. A non-slip poly strip is inconspicuously put at the front of most of our lace front wigs. This ensures that your new locks will stay in place throughout the day.
  • If you’ve always enjoyed trying out new hairstyles, hand-tied wigs are a terrific method to do it while being comfortable and looking naturally put together. Individually tied wigs have a soft mesh cap with each hair hand-knotted into place. The lack of wefts or mechanical stitching gives these wigs a beautifully natural appearance, allowing you to dress them in any way you like without sacrificing their natural appearance!
  • It is up to you to decide which one to choose between a humanhair wig and a synthetic wig. Human hair wigs are frequently regarded as preferable because they feel and look like genuine hair but at a higher cost. It’s crucial to realize, though, that you can now obtain synthetic wigs that seem realistic. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both types of wigs will assist you in deciding which is best for you!
  • If you’ve never worn anUNice wig before, capsizes can be a little puzzling. No worries, because it’s not that difficult. Child/Petite, Average, and Large-cap sizes are available. The measurements of these are detailed in our wig size chart, however, the vast majority of our customers are an average capsize. Choosing the correct cap size helps guarantee that your wig fits well for optimal comfort and a natural appearance.
  • You must also decide whether or not you require a wig hat before purchasing your wig. Although this is mostly a matter of personal opinion, a wig cap is especially beneficial for those with sensitive scalps because it functions as a protective barrier, keeping your wig tight and comfortable throughout wear. We recommend buying a bundle of wig caps and checking them out for yourself because they aren’t expensive. Remember that the most crucial consideration when selecting a wig is that it is comfy!


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