Which Sample Paper is Best for Class 10 Exams?

Class 10th is considered a big milestone in a student’s life. CBSE, State Board, ICSE, and other boards give importance to students’ grades in the 10th standard to decide their future.

Due to the pandemic, the last two years have been pretty simple for students to clear their board examinations. Their annual grades were generated on their yearly performance rather than their performance in the board examination.

However, it is expected that the current batch will appear for a written exam. You get the latest CBSE sample paper for class 10 across various platforms to prepare for the board examination.

CBSE itself releases sample question papers to give students a brief of how the actual paper would look. Well, before you get into the details of where to get these sample papers, you must focus on why it is essential to give a test with them.

Why should you study and give a sample paper test?

As you know, 10th class grades are crucial to deciding your future education plan; you must do your bit to increase your chances to score excellent grades in the final examination.

So, when you get a sample question paper from CBSE or your respective coaching classes, utilize them well. Consider them as your final question paper, and follow the instructions by your teachers to solve them effectively.

Below, you have a step-by-step guide on how to resolve the 10th CBSE question papers. Kindly give it a read to improve your performance.

1. Give time to read the question paper

The CBSE board gives three hours to 10th standard children to solve the question paper. The first fifteen minutes are allotted for the students to read the question paper carefully.

Utilize this time to understand the question paper and prepare yourself with answers that you know. Observe how the marking has been distributed to each question. Based on it, make a judgment in your head on how you will logically answer the questions.

2. Make a map of how to answer the questions

Make a rough plan for execution. It will allow you to save time, and you can quickly attempt all questions without leaving any of them. For example, you must answer questions with a maximum marking first if you are confident about their answers.

However, if you have doubts regarding the same, target the question with minimum marking and quickly get done with them. This will give you more time to think and prepare for the more significant questions.

3. Don’t focus on tough questions first

While reading the question paper, you’ll find some questions more challenging than the others. Please do not get stuck finding their answer first because it will consume your time.

Keep them for the end, and do not worry because it will hamper your overall performance. Finally, when you reach to answer these tough questions, you’ll discover that they look difficult but are pretty easy to solve.

4. Maintain a speed

Divide the total time into the three sections, like how it is mentioned on the question paper. For simpler questions, dedicate one or two minutes at max to answer the questions. When attempting challenging questions, dedicate five to ten minutes to answer one question. Maintain the speed throughout if you want to answer all the questions.

5. Find and solve the latest CBSE sample paper for class 10

Try and solve maximum sample questions papers to get an idea of how to perform in the final examinations. You can find sample question papers online. Set a time of 3 hours, and attempt to answer as many questions as you can. Check the answers with your teacher and evaluate your overall performance.

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