Why are small dab rigs considered the best option?

If you are an advanced cannabis user, you might be trying to find new and exciting methods to smoke weed. If you have already used the transportable vape pen, the social bong, the easy-to-use pipe, and the artistic bubbler, what is next? The dab rig – a dab rig is a fun and exciting cannabis apparatus with multiple moving parts that will provide intense highs, strong hits, smooth flavors, and a great experience for advanced and beginners users alike!

But why should you choose a dab rig over other options? Don’t just listen to us – check out all of these reasons why a dab rig is the best option for those who want a transportable and user-friendly apparatus to bring with them on all types of trips. Going to the park? Bring your dab rig for some extra fun. Going to your friend’s house? Throw your small dab rig in your backpack and off you go. A dab rig is the best mixture between the ever-popular bong and the super-convenient pipe – here’s why.

Why small dab rigs are the best option

Before we can tell you all of the great things about small dab rigs, you might be wondering – what is a dab rig and how do I use it? If you’ve never used a dab rig before, it can seem a little convoluted and complicated to use. However, once you know the steps on setting up the dab rig and properly smoking out of the rig, you are good to go – the steps will stay the same every time you use the rig in the future. After a few tries with your dab rig setup, you will be a pro! Visit site to buy yourself a dab rig.

Similar to a water pipe and a bong, the dab rig is the best way to smoke concentrates for a smooth hit and strong high. Instead of smoking flowers – as you would out of the bowl of a bong – you will be smoking concentrates, a type of wax that provides a very concentrated and strong hit.

First, let’s go over the parts of the dab rig. Every small dab rig will have the same moving parts as a bigger-sized dab rig, making it easy to figure out how to use. Typically, the dab rig is made of silicone or glass, both of which are heavy-duty and durable materials that are long-lasting and can withstand tough use. Along with the dab rig itself, the rig will have a percolator, tube chamber, and dab nail. The dab nail is one of the most important parts of the entire setup, as this is the part that helps heat the concentrate to the correct temperature. You can either choose a fancy dab rig with many artistic shapes, drawings, and designs, or you can choose a simpler and cheaper one for your first time.

Cooler on your throat

One of the main advantages of using a dab rig for your next cannabis experience is that you can have a cooler and easier hit going down your throat. Instead of smoke that can burn your throat and cause coughing and irritation in your lungs, you can enjoy the coolness of the concentrates. Since the dab rig uses water percolation, this can cool off the water vapor and the smoke before you inhale – meaning the vapor and smoke in your throat is a cooler temperature you can get with pipes, joints, and other smoking mechanisms.

Smoother flavor

The second benefit of using a small dab rig over other smoking mechanisms for your next weed smoking experience is a smoother flavor. Since the concentrations are very concentrated – hence the name – you will find that there are a lot of flavors packed into a small amount of concentrate! Instead of flowers, which can be diluted and burn unevenly, you will never have to worry about that with the concentrates. The flavor is packed into a small punch and will leave a flavorful taste in your throat after a hit.

Efficient to use

The next benefit of using small dab rigs is that they are easy to use, efficient, and transportable. You can easily figure out how to use the dab rig after watching a tutorial, trying it a few times yourself, or watching your friends do it. Once you know the steps of how to set up a dab rig, you are good to go. Not to mention, a dab rig is efficient – nothing is wasted. You don’t have to worry about the flower spilling out of the bowl or leaving a mess. Instead, the concentrate is completely utilized by the burning of the nail.

Fun to use with friends

The last benefit of using a small dab rig is that it is fun to use with friends! Since it is hard to bring your bong to your friends’ houses due to the size and the potential of breaking, you are lacking versatility with this piece. However, with a small dab rig, you can easily throw this smoking apparatus into your backpack with some padding and you can head to any location with ease. Since the parts are the same as a dab rig – but smaller – all you have to do is bring the dab nail, the downstem, the tube, and the percolator and you can head off to your next smoking sesh! Smoking out of a dab rig with friends is fun and exciting because you can all benefit from using the same apparatus, you can all get strong and intense highs, and you can all choose the flavor of the concentrate that you want to inhale.


Using a dab rig is a fun and exciting smoking accessory to enjoy with your friends. Not only is a small dab rig easy to use, transportable, efficient, and tastes great, but you can easily learn the steps of how to set up and use a dab rig in just a few tries! It is no wonder that using a dab rig is one of the most popular smoking methods on the market nowadays, ranking high on the list of popularity next to bongs, bubblers, pipes, and vape pens. Compared to other smoking methods, a small dab rig has a nice combination of convenience, fun, and efficiency.

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