Why Outsource Data Entry to the Philippines?

Big Companies and Corporates usually have a lot of data. These data need to be maintained and resourcefully managed so as to use them effectively when it is required. Most companies use entry-level employees for data entry, but having full-time employees for this can be excessively expensive for a company. This is where outsourcing is essential, and there are some excellent countries such as the Philippines that offer quality, cost-effective outsourcing services. Outsourcing Data Entry in the Philippines can prove to be extremely helpful for the host company and for the outsourced company as well. They benefit mutually from the business opportunity.

What is Data Entry?

Data Entry may sound like a relatively simple word, but data entry is one of the most important and foremost processes in any corporate company. This data can be as simple as customer information, product information, payroll information, client database, shipments database, order processing database, logistics database, etc. With the help of these data, many important decisions are taken in the organization, such as procurement of materials, shipping details, customer information management, etc. This is why data entry services need to be handled carefully by qualified and trained executives who can interpret the data and enter them into the system in the right manner.

Why do we need Data Entry?

Management decisions are based on this data that is fed into the database. Data that is entered in large databases are used in the following ways:

  • Data Mining

Data Mining is done to extract meaningful information from large sets of data by understanding patterns of data such as customer buying habits, procurement trends, area information, etc. Data Mining helps businesses make informed managerial decisions and help them in advancing their business using specific target approaches.

  • Data Analysis

Data analysis is studying and inspecting the data by weeding out unnecessary information and remodeling the data into the right manner required for the business.

  • Data Conversion

A lot of data that is fed into the system needs to be converted into meaningful information in the form of charts, pie charts, and graphs to help make managerial decisions.

  • Data Management

The large sets of data need to be maintained and managed so that they are readily available for usage when required. A cloud-based data storage server is an example of Data Management.

Why Outsource Data?

Outsourcing ensures that your work is done with quality and at half the price. Below are some of the reasons why Outsourcing Data entry is considered by Companies:

  1. Saves Times

Data entry is done by entry-level employees, but they need to be qualified and trained to do so. In many major companies, training for data entry may not be provided if their core business is completely different. In such cases, data entry jobs may take a long time and occupy billable hours of staff. By outsourcing this job, you are saving thousands of hours of billable hours in your company.

  1. Saves Money

Data entry staff need to be hired, and as per government policies, they still need to be provided all the benefits of an actual employee, such as health insurance, leave benefits, and other perks. This may add to the company’s cost. When you outsource this job, you not only cut down the employee cost but also are assured of quality output from the outsourced company.

  1. Improves Efficiency

When your primary employees do not have to do menial and tedious jobs such as data entry, they can focus on more important things such as client relations, improving business opportunities, and improving sales. Therefore, outsourcing can help free your employees’ productive time and help them focus on their actual target.

Why Consider the Philippines for Outsourcing Data entry?

  1. Qualified Manpower

The Philippines trains students and college goers with essential jobs such as data entry and customer care support.

  1. Excellent Language Capabilities

The Philippines has one of the best English-speaking manpower along with language fluency in Chinese, Thai, and other Asian languages.

  1. Government support

The government of The Philippines extends support in the form of tax benefits and perks for companies who build businesses and jobs in the Philippines.

  1. 24X7 support

The manpower is willing to work in shifts to cover time and improve efficiency. They have a very good turnaround time for projects and promise an efficient working ability

  1. Trustworthy and Loyal Staff

Asians are known for their loyalty, and the Philippines are one of the most loyal and trustworthy. When you trust them with your database, rest is assured in safe hands.

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