Why You Must Choose A Suitable Size Of Step And Repeat Banner

The step and repeat banners offer a wonderful opportunity for your company or brand to get adequate exposure. With the fast-growing popularity of events, the step and repeat banners form a favorable background. However, when it comes to using this banner, you need to consider an appropriate size that is not too large or small.

The following points highlight the significance of step and repeat banner.

  • One of the basic reasons to use step and repeat banner is getting good pictures.
  • Whether it is a charity event, sponsored event, red carpet, personal event, or a celebrity event, taking some great shots with the banner at the background is a real deal.
  • With a suitable banner, you can boost the media asset and allow your organization to benefit from it.
  • If you invite a celebrity to grace the occasion, getting some good pictures is an essential part of the event.
  • With a notable presence of celebrities in an event and the photographs taken against step and repeat backdrop, you can get an excellent opportunity to highlight your brand.

Choosing the size

For a step and repeat banner, you need to consider the following sizes.

  • Size of the logo

The length of the banner resonates with the size of the logos.  However, the number of times you want the logo to repeat can also determine its size. Unfortunately, the event planners often ignore the size of the logo to use. You can create a big-sized logo and take the shot of an individual surrounding it. Now, the posing of an individual can shadow the brand. Therefore, you need to flank them in varying positions to highlight the brand. If you stuff the logos within a small area without considering the size, you cannot get the desired outcome from a step and repeat banner.

  • Catering to the attendees

If you invite more attendees in the event, a long step and repeat banner is a good option. When the attendees walk the carpet, they need to interact with the media. When several individuals need to interact with each other on the red carpet, the wall of the banner needs to be long. A longer wall also provides a good opportunity to the photographers to get as many pictures as they need.

Designing the platform

When setting a step and repeat banner, you can implement the following.

  • The platforms can be stepped to aid the media people so that each level can go higher one after the other.
  • Nowadays, you can find luxury vehicles launched in red carpet platforms against the backdrop of step and repeat banner.
  • The movie premiers incorporating the visuals against step and repeat banners for the makes the event fun.
  • Often, discussion platforms have panel of individuals with step and repeat banner as the backdrop.

If you are an event planner and need to use step and repeat banners, choosing reasonable size can meet your needs. Furthermore, the choice of material also depends on whether you need to store or ship it to another location.


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