Why You Should Get AWS Certification?

In this piece, you will know why getting an AWS certification is suitable for your career. But before getting there, let’s get familiar with the program, its applications, and usage. AWS stands for amazon web services; it could be stated as a platform for cloud computing used by local businesses and global giants like Amazon, Adobe, Airbnb, and Netflix.

What does AWS provide to a candidate?

 AWS is one of the top cloud-computing services; it has a three times bigger share in the market than Microsoft (the second-biggest provider). Usually, businesses with their online applications begin with a limited number of users, so they need limited servers. However, with the rise in users of the application,its server’s infrastructure also needs to get improved. Several leading businesses depend on AWS to look after all the issues of server infrastructure on their apps. It enables versatile, stable, yet dynamic server support to the apps to not face any hassle in real-time. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that AWS felicitates the ease of business on online platforms.

Can you attain the AWS certification?

Why not? Amazon web services or AWS provides its official exams for certification. If a candidate passes this exam, he or she gets a certificate that validates their AWS skills. Several certification exams are depending on several proficiency levels, such as-

  • AWS certification exam for cloud practitioner, it covers the basics of amazon web services
  • AWS certified solutions for Architect-Associate helps you in understanding the design and deployment of cloud architecture 
  • AWS certified solutions for Architect-Professional, it takes you from the associate level to the professional level

All the courses given above hold a vital place in the career of an IT professional. You may like to try them out as they are very affordable and might help you get on the higher level of your career.

Will you get employment after AWS certification?

It’s never wise to avoid the elephant in the room, and just like any other certification course, what about the job? The question is relevant here as well. Companies worldwide use AWS; it has become a widespread term in the world of start-ups. Hence, after you are certified with AWS, doors for many good job opportunities open up for you. Websites like Indeed and Glassdoor have listed several vacancies related to AWS; you can check it yourself.

Companies want to hire an AWS-certified employee to tackle any arising AWS issue. After receiving the AWS certification, you may become eligible for the job positions like crucial account manager, DevOps engineer or software engineer for cloud, network specialist AWS, etc.

When you are done with the AWS certification program, you can ask for a raise to upgrade your skillset. According to a report, people get a raise of about 25% after completing AWS certification. So if you are interested in getting an AWS certification you can visit the Amazon website for a detail insight into the course and its exams. They offer certification programs in a multitude depending on the level of proficiency.


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