Everything you Need to About Xenos Injector

Xenos injector is a tool that is downloaded and installed in order to inject DLL files. It is totally free. DLL files are those files that consist of mods and cheats. Normally, many gamers get tired of playing the same game over the years and want to try something new and fun, or most of the gamers cannot complete a mission in a certain game and need to install cheats in order to complete it with ease. DLL files contain those mods and cheats, and using this Xenos injector becomes easier to load these certain DLL files. Just like the name suggests, the Xenos injector injects DLL files into your computer. Xenos injector is quite popular and trending nowadays.

Xenos injector helps you to inject most of the cheats and mods of a lot of games such as GTA V online, CSGO, Apex, Valorant, and many other games just like these. Furthermore, this injector is not that even hard to use and even supports x86 and x64 architecture which makes it more successful compared to other injectors. According to many gamers including professionals and amateurs both, the Xenos injector is one of the best injectors of all time for multiple reasons including but not limited to that it is antiban which is why games cannot detect the cheats or mods, a gamer may be using.

Moreover, there are a lot of different similar injectors to the Xenos injector such as the extreme injector which is quite an amazing alternative. Even though Xenos injector can only read DLL files that are pre-made by game hackers, people still choose Xenos injector over other injectors. The creators of the Xenos injector are unknown but all we know is that the creators of this injector are the same people who developed Unknowncheats.

There are many reasons why Xenos injector is so successful and popular. One of the most important reasons behind that is its features. Xenos injector has some unique features that no other injector does, and some similar features to other injectors but with a more updated version. There a lot of features of Xenos injector including but not limited to Kernel-mode injection, manual mapping, it supports x64 and x86, windows 7 cross-section, injection into native processes, injection of pure managed images without proxy DLL, injection profiles, image manual mapping, injection of x64 images into WOW64 processor, injection using thread hijacking, unlinking module after injection and calling custom initialization routine after injection.

However, these are not the only features that Xenos injector does have. The latest version of this injector includes a manual mapping feature which is great for relocating, tls callbacks, and a lot of different stuff that other injectors do not allow. Furthermore, a lot of gamers are using the latest version of this injector to inject DLL files into multiplayer games such as GTA V online.

The latest version of this injector also has a security cookie feature but that is not all the features it has. There are many other features that the latest version has including but not limited to relocations, import, bound import, delayed import, static TLS, and TLS callbacks, image manifests and SxS, support for exceptions in private memory under DEP, C++/CLI images are supported but add loader reference will be needed to use, and finally, it makes the module visible to GetProcAddress, GetModuleHandle, etc.

There is only one use of Xenos injector, just like all the other injectors that have been created to this date, and that is to allow gamers to use cheats, hacks, and mods in all the popular and mainstream games such as CSGO, Pubg, GTA V online, etc. Xenos injector helps the users achieve that by injecting DLL files into their computer. There is no other use of Xenos injector other than injecting DLL files into the user’s computer so that they can get cheats and mods in certain games, and can easily add a new element in the game and do not get bored of the game.

Is it safe to use a Xenos injector?

Is it safe to use a Xenos injector?

Even though, it is said that the Xenos injector is antiban and that games cannot detect the DLL files that have been injected by this injector. There is a conflict in the community about this injector. While many gamers say that it is quite safe to use this injector and other gamers say that it is not safe to use and that one should never use it as it can ban you from certain games. According to many professional gamers and professional hackers, no public cheat or an injector is safe, and that if one wants to use it, he or she should use it at their own risk and should not blame the developers in case anything bad happens they get banned. Furthermore, many people in the community say that is it totally fine and completely safe to use a Xenos injector to inject DLL files into your computer until and unless the DLL files are undetected. Ultimately, as an amateur, you will never know what might happen and whether the Xenos injector is really safe to use or not. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that even if do decide to use a Xenos injector, use it at your own risk.

Steps to Download and Install Xenos injector

  1. First, you will have to download the Xenos injector from a well-known and safe website. Since this injector is totally free, you will find the link on many different websites. All you have to do is search for the link to the Xenos injector.
  2. Then, run the injector as an administrator in order to authorize administrator permissions.
  3. Then, after browsing your game, select the process of the game.
  4. Then, add the DLL file or files that you want to inject into the Xenos injector by clicking on the ‘Add’.
  5. Then, click on the ‘Advanced’ option. A native injection option will open. After that, open the unlink module and erase all the PE headers.
  6. After that, go in the general option and adjust certain settings such as change the injection delay to 12000 and change the inject interval equal to 750.
  7. Now, all the steps are done, all you have to do is click on ‘OK’.
  8. Lastly, click on the ‘inject’ and start the game that you want to play and enjoy all the mods and hacks that you ever wanted. However, always remember that play it at your own risk.


After reading this article, now you know everything there is to Xenos injector including but not limited to what is Xenos injector, what are the uses of this injector, is it safe to use to this injector, and last but not the least, all the steps to Download and Install Xenos injector. Now all you have to do is open your gaming computer or gaming laptop and search for the download link of the Xenos injector. However, you also need to make sure that you download this injector from some safe website. Nevertheless, there are two versions of this injector. One is for x64 and the second is for x86. Choose the version according to your computer.

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