Yogibo vs Moon Pod: How to Choose the Right Bean Bag Chair

When you’re shopping for top-of-the-line bean bag chairs, you’re likely to narrow your choices down to Yogibo and Moon Pod. After all, these are the two brands of bean bag chairs that have been battling over who invented this style of chair ever since 2017. But, there really is no argument about who invented this chair because the Yogibo has been on the market since 2008. Still, you might wonder exactly what’s the difference between the two and why the Yogibo is the chair to buy.

The First is Usually the Best

Yogibo founder Eyal Levy was just trying to find a sleep pillow that would allow his pregnant wife to sleep on her stomach when he hit on the combination of polystyrene microbeads and stretchy cotton-spandex material to create an object that would not only provide the right amount of support for his wife as she slept, but also molded to every part of her body, eliminating pressure points and maximizing comfort.

He shared his invention with his friends, who immediately wanted one of their own. The Yogibo was born and it has been selling like wildfire since. So much so, that there are now 130 retail locations around the world selling his product. When the Moon Pod came along nearly a decade after the Yogibo and its founder was claiming to have invented this style of bean bag chair, some people bought into those claims, but soon found them to be inferior.

Bigger Really Is Better

The second thing you should look at when choosing your bean bag chair is size. The Yogibo Max is six feet long and two feet wide. The Moon Pod is about four feet by four feet. If you’re a larger person, there’s no question that the bigger product is better for your needs, but even if you’re not, you’re going to want the Yogibo Max for a couple of reasons. 

First, when you go to lay down on the Yogibo, even your feet will be supported. With the Moon Pod, your feet will hang off the end unless you’re a small child. Of course, you can always spend more money and buy a foot rest to go with your Moon Pod, but the Yogibo doesn’t require additional accessories and is already less expensive. Why not choose the product that gives you everything you need in a single purchase?

Secondly, you can use the Yogibo in numerous positions, whether you’re sitting or laying down and, if you want to share the comfort with friends, there’s no problem, as the Yogibo Max can seat up to four people. You might get two on a Moon Pod, but not always. 

Material Matters

The Yogibo’s cover material is a cotton-spandex blend compared to the Moon Pod’s cotton-polyester blend. This makes the Yogibo’s cover softer and stretchier, meaning it can morph into different positions more easily and is more comfortable against the skin. Not only that, but there have been reports of the Moon Pod’s covers pilling, which is neither comfortable nor attractive.


So you see, there really is no competition. The Yogibo clearly came first and is the revolutionary product Moon Pod claims to be. Don’t be fooled by false statements. Once you get your Yogibo, you’ll know you made the right choice.

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