2021 Instagram Marketing Strategies for e-commerce Marketers to Excel

As of late, Instagram reports about 200 million users visiting their platform daily, and about 60% percent of them say that they discover new products on Instagram. This social media app offers companies and marketers multiple ways to reach their followers and fans. It is now an essential part of the social media marketing toolkit of every brand. Here in this article, you will know how to use Instagram to reach your customers, enhance web traffic, and drive and more qualified leads to your business through Instagram.

Why is Instagram marketing beneficial?

Now Instagram marketing is how companies run their brand awareness campaigns to more effectively with their following and introduce more and more people to their exciting products and services. To reach Instagrammers, brands try to develop pleasing content combined with a compelling sales copy with identifiable hashtags. With the prominence of social networking, both small and large business owners now benefit from the same. As of now, Instagram marketing gives any company the advantages of:

  • Helping their target audience find new services and products on Instagram
  • Increasing the website’s visits and help generate more public interest in their content.
  • Help boost sales with a frictionless shopping experience on Instagram.

Facebook IQ reports show that about 44% of their respondents say that the content on Instagram helps them find relevant information about different products and services of various brands. About 41% say that the brand content helps them research the product and services to make buying decisions. With the availability of Shopping on Instagram, users can now tap on your post to see product descriptions, images, store items, etc. Your posts on Shopping on Instagram also show up an explore tab, which means a potential customer can easily find your brand and buy your product.

Tips for optimizing your business profile on Instagram

  1. Make a compellingbio

You need to invest time and effort to build a short and compelling bio for Instagram. You may use limited characters to share a powerful but straightforward message to your potential customers. Make them understand what you do and how you can help them through your bio. You may look over your value prepositions and branding documents to see the major USPs you want your Instagram followers to know for beginners.Write a few sentences custom-tailored for your target audience. Then, go back through these repeatedly to cut short any unnecessary words and tweak your bio multiple times until it is precise, catchy, and memorable. You need not be afraid of using an emoji or special character on your bio to pop it up.

  1. Add highly searchable keywords

Like any other social platform like Pinterest, Linked In, Snapchat, etc., Instagram also helps its users discover content online using search terms. However, your bio is not a place to pack many marketing phrases for others to find. You can insert a couple of high-traffic keywords relevant to your business at this exact spot, which will help others find you easily through keyword research. This is important in 2021 as Instagram is now testing a new search feature that will enable the users to view more profiles and content on their topic of interest. If you are trying to optimize your Instagram bio, create your content around the core brand offerings. With this, you may be more likely to have your target audience, and the audience members find you out.  You can use hashtags as Like4Like.com toget more likes and followers for posts, but these cannot be used for bio.

  1. Adding a call to action

An ideal bio is not complete without having a compelling CTA. You can add a call to action with a clickable URL, which is also called a link in the bio, to drive traffic out of your Instagram account to a landing page, website, product page, etc. You can see what your competitors do in this regard to get some creative insights for adding a link to your bio. It is also possible for you to keep on changing this link on the bio any number of times as and when you introduce a new product or when you want to bring your viewers to a different landing page etc.

Various ways to use Instagram

Creating a brand identity on Instagram requires more than just sharing some catchy photos. It needs a perfect, purposeful, and oriented marketing strategy that includes image content and video content. You may take advantage of different ways to showcase your e-commerce product by using hashtags for ads, shopping stories, etc. People tend to search or click on your hashtags to discover fresh Instagram content. They also tend to go deep into your Instagram stories to find out the personal side of your brand. Well-placed ads on Instagram can surely help you to attract more and more followers on Instagram.

Plan your hashtags well

Hashtags are the best tools on Instagram for you to ensure that your post reaches maximum people. As millions of posts come up on the Instagram platform daily, commoners tend to do searches based on specific keywords or hashtags to get relevant information. You should do thorough hashtag research to identify the most relevant hashtags matching your posts to make them reach the most intended audience. Along with the general hashtags you tend to use, brand promoters also need to make an ongoing effort to establish brand-specific, product-specific, and industry-specific hashtags to serve your purpose.

All these tips and strategies we have discussed here will help the Instagram marketers and brand promoters leverage user preferences on Instagram and gain a better grip on their Instagram marketing strategies. You need to implement them smartly to get the best results. As with any other social platform, you need to be very careful about your Instagram marketing strategies to ensure that you are not overdoing things and get an optimum return on investment of your efforts and money put into it.


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