7 Useful Tips for Going Viral on Instagram

Currently, every month millions of people are creating an account on Instagram. Instagram is no longer just a platform to post photos and videos, it has become much more. 

You need to know how to create viral content on Instagram especially if you are a social media marketer. Instagram tries to keep its users engaged for as long as possible. In this article, we will discuss 7 useful tips for going viral on Instagram.

Before that let us see when you will call a postto be viral. You can call a post on Instagram viral if it gets shared by Instagram users so rapidly that it quickly spreads over the platform. Well, that sounds easy to understand. There are some factors that will decide the virality of the content and here are those-

  • The number of shares and likes your post gets ( you have to get a minimum of 100k likes along with views and the almost same number of comments to go viral).
  • The number of new followers it gave to your account.
  • How quickly and easily the content is consumed by the people.
  • The overall lifetime of your content.

Your posts have to appear in the Explore tab of Instagram as new people who do not follow you will be able to view your post there and for appearing in the Explore tab, you have to boost your engagement.

With all that said, let us enter into our main discussion.

Know Your Audience

The first and foremost thing that you have to know for getting viral is your audience. You have to know what type of content they prefer most and what makes them click on a post. The best thing that you can do to know your audience is to create a buyer persona. A buyer persona will define your audience and help to know what type of content they are interested in.

Here are some points that a buyer persona generally includes-

  • Demographic location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Income

For Instagram especially, along with the above points, you must also include the type of content they prefer and the types of accounts they follow. 

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Create a Unique and Interesting Content

There is no doubt in the fact that unique content is the one that gets viral. You must have noticed that the viral contents on Instagram always carry a unique voice and provides a clear point of view. Your content should be visually appealing, a bit controversial, and should boost emotional engagement. It will be nicer if you use high-quality photos in your post to deliver your message.

Engage With Other Followers

As said earlier, you have to boost your engagement for getting viral. Instagram is a social media platform, so be social over there, interact with your followers, get engaged with them, like and share their posts, follow them back. Add nice comments in their posts and mention why you find their post interesting. Do not use a single emoji or single word to comment as it gives a feeling of bot engagement which can, in turn, lessen your followers count. Try to keep your interaction realistic and relevant.

Survey OtherViral Posts

Keep a watch on other viral Instagram posts and figure out what made them so viral. It may happen that the tactics other viral people are using might also prove to be useful for you. Who knows? But remember do not just simply copy their posts as you can get a copyright strike and it will put a negative impact and create a bad image of yours in your followers’ minds. You can borrow ideas from their posts as there is no harm in borrowing the ideas. Here are some points that you must try to figure out from their posts

  • Their use of images.
  • What kind of captions they are using.
  • When and how often they are posting.
  • Who they tag most in their posts.
  • What hashtags they use most.

Use Analytics

The way buyer persona is important to understand the preferences of your followers; in the same way, user analytics is also important to analyze what content works best for your followers. You can use Insights which is the in-built analytics tool that provides you with detailed information about your content, how many likes a post is getting, how many comments, how many people are visiting your profile, the age range of your followers, their gender, locations, etc. You can use all this information to compare your posts and see how they are performing. In a nutshell, Instagram Analytics will help you to optimize your posts and hashtags. One of the best things about Instagram Analytics is that it tells you when your followers are most active so that you can schedule your posts accordingly. According to Forbes, to increase the engagement you should schedule your post when your users are most active.

Remember that you need to have a business account to use Instagram Analytics. You will lose all your data if you convert your business account into a personal account.

Partner With an Influencer

Instagram influencers have quite a large follower base. They can influence other users with their authenticity and creditability. Partnering with an influencer is another best way to get viral on Instagram. People feel a connection with influencers and when they will see that you are partnering with their favorite influencer, they will readily follow you and will share your post in the heat of the excitement, thus making you viral.

Do not Lose Patience

We all know patience is the key to success and the same also goes for Instagram. Creating viral content is not that easy. It is not possible that you will become viral soon after your first post. You will try and fail but each time you fail; you will learn what the flaws were and what requires to be improved. You have to keep on trying until one day your post breaks the record of likes, shares, and comments.


These are the 7 useful tips that you can follow to get viral on Instagram. Hope that after reading this article you have got a clear idea of how to make viral content. So go and get viral!

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