3 benefits of a dual diagnosis treatment center vs. a single diagnosis center

If you have co-occurring disorders, such as mental illness and substance abuse concerns, then visiting a facility that can handle both disorders is essential to getting healthy and figuring out the root cause of your addiction. For example, some of the most common co-occurring disorders include mania and alcoholism, depression and pill usage, substance abuse and anxiety, and many other combinations that can be deadly to your mental health and your physical health.

To continue living a healthy lifestyle – or to get back on track – you need to visit an in-person facility that can help provide you with a personalized program that is equipped to deal with two disorders occurring at the same time. Since this is more common than you think, visiting a place that can treat both disorders simultaneously is the only way to diagnose and figure out the root cause of your addiction and your mental illness at the same time.

Let’s see the main benefits of visiting this type of facility that can help you better deal with your two disorders when compared to a ‘traditional’ rehabilitation facility!

Three benefits of going to a dual diagnosis treatment center vs. a single diagnosis center for your mental and physical health!

For many people, the addiction to drugs, drinking, or other substances is more deeply rooted than just the addiction itself. In most cases, people that have addictive personalities and substance abuse concerns have other disorders that either cause them to act this way, or become exacerbated by drinking or drug use.

Many people in society deal with untreated mental illnesses, post-traumatic stress disorder from instances or problems that occurred when they were young, or trauma that has never resolved itself with proper therapy or coping mechanisms.

Assessment of psychiatric health

One of the best benefits of going to a dual diagnosis treatment center like The Edge Treatment is the ability to receive an assessment and diagnosis of your psychiatric health. Dual diagnosis programs at a rehab center help you identify and determine which specific disorders you have, and why they need to be addressed to help you fight your substance abuse. Oftentimes, substance abuse begins as simply a way to forget your problems and later turns into an addiction.

Learn how to cope

The second benefit of attending a dual diagnosis treatment center instead of a single diagnosis center is the ability to learn why you are feeling a certain way, how to cope with these feelings of mental illness or cravings, and skills you can learn to avoid feeling this way while you are back in society. The right treatment can help you identify triggers that can turn into a relapse if not identified.

Plan for your future

The last benefit of attending a dual diagnosis treatment center when compared to other plans and programs is the ability to help you plan for your future. Although you have co-occurring disorders, both can be treated effectively, nearing your life is far from over.


Going to a dual diagnosis treatment center can help you figure out how to gain control of your life, identify your triggers, assess your psychiatric health, learn how to cope, and plan for your future!

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