3 benefits of polar care Kodiak vs regular ice packs!

Regular ice packs can leak, rip, tear, and last only one use. Who wants to constantly buy new ice packs every time you have sore muscles, aching joints, or sports injuries? Instead, why not save money and time by purchasing a reusable, durable, and long-lasting option that is more effective at treating injuries and reducing post-op pain?

We have the best solution for you when it comes to helping recover quickly and easily. If you are an athlete who constantly sprains their ankle or twists their knee, having foolproof recovery methods is key to getting back on the field in no time. Instead of going through ice packs every week, look into other cold therapy methods that can help apply constant pressure and cool temperatures to reduce swelling, minimize inflammation, reduce pain, and ease aching muscles.

Let’s see one of the best options on the market that is much more effective than ice packs in treating and reducing pain! Click here to learn more about it.

3 benefits of polar care Kodiak vs ice packs!

This cold therapy is convenient, easy to use, versatile, and effective at treating all types of injuries. With this compact design that is great for transporting between an athletic recovery room and your home, you can use this method anywhere and everywhere!


One of the best benefits of using this polar care Kodiak instead of traditional ice packs is the battery-powered mechanism that provides constant compression and cold therapy at the same time. Instead of having to be plugged into a well, as you would with other cold therapy and recovery methods, you can use this battery-powered mechanism anywhere without electricity, like on the field or on the team bus. The batteries are already powered and last for 10-14 hours of motorized cold therapy.

Convenient for travel

The second benefit of using a polar care Kodiak instead of traditional ice packs is the convenience and portability. Ice packs need to travel in a cooler to stay cold and often leak, requiring clean-up methods, paper towels, and other accessories to keep it from getting all over the athletic training room, your house, or other locations. Instead of this mess, the polar care Kodiak is convenient for travel and comes with its own travel case for ease of use.

Easy to use

The last benefit of using this polar care Kodiak instead of ice packs is the user-friendly nature and ease of use. Although ice packs are convenient in that they can just be placed on the skin, the polar care Kodiak cold therapy unit is also easy to use – and is more effective in treating your injury. With compression and cold therapy combined, this mechanism is a beneficial modality for reducing inflammation and swelling.


As you can see, although both ice packs and the polar care Kodiak cold therapy unit are easy to use, the polar care Kodiak modality is more effective at treating the cause and the symptoms of your pain or injury. By combining pressure and constant cold, this unit can help reduce pain, minimize inflammation, and can be used anywhere!

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