3 Key Reasons to Use CBD Products to Improve Your Sleep Cycle

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of two popular derivatives of cannabis (marijuana). While that is correct, CBD is commercially derived from the hemp plant, is a close relative of cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active component of cannabis that produces a “high.” On the other hand, CBD does not create a high. CBD is gaining in popularity for its calming effect, a vital component of a good night’s sleep.


Wasted sleepless nights and drawn-out sluggish days are physically detrimental. Spending nights thinking of daytime worries takes a toll. CBD has promise for improving sleep and overall health.


First, we all know from experience that trouble falling and staying asleep is most often due to negative thoughts and daytime worries. The calming nature of CBD may be the best reason to consider trying this all-natural solution. Mild anxiety, which is not uncommon, is the main culprit causing insomnia. These worrisome late nights and very early wakeups only make for a bad day. Worse yet, after years of sleepless nights cause many health problems.


The body needs the restorative rest of a good night’s sleep. CBD may be a significant part of your solution, whether your problems are occasional or a set pattern.


Second, there is evidence that CBD helps with various health issues, including lack of sleep. It “may improve sleep for individuals with anxiety problems,” according to supplementsinreview.com. Including improvements with “anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation.” The lack of “psychoactive effects” makes CBD more popular, and it’s a “promising sleep aid.”


The growing research continues to point to the efficacy of CBD. Importantly, although research is limited, CBD has not been found to have negative impacts on health. In fact, the research and studies continue to support the anecdotal information coming from individuals who have used it with success.


Third, CBD is widely available and comes in many forms to suit any individual. Additionally, it’s growing in mainstream popularity. CBD was “discovered in 1940” by researchers, so says wikipedia.org. CBD can be taken by mouth, vapor, aerosols or oil extracts.


Closely related to the hemp plant is cannabis used as far back as 1200 A.D. for “inducing sleep” by early Chinese medical practitioners. Today, CBD has recently “exploded in popularity.” According to Consumers Report, some “10 percent of Americans” responding to a survey had tried CBD and reported it was used to “help them sleep.” A small growing “body of scientific research” points to CBD as a sleep aid.


CBD in all its forms is, to many, a new and unproven product. Also, it is seen negatively because of the association with cannabis. A decade ago, it was unavailable due to a wholesale misunderstanding of the hemp plant. There is a growing understanding that CBD is a natural, safe, and valuable product. CBD is sure to become a helpful mainstream and widely excepted medicinal product.


CBD has been used as a sleep aid by many in recent years. As the research continues to grow, it’s important to remember the CBD industry has growing pains. Not all makers are equal. Do the research and buy from the best retailers and brands. Knowing so many have tried CBD and improved their health and sleep, trying CBD will likely help you have a good night’s sleep.

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