4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dish Washing Sanitizer at Home

Since the second wave of Covid-19 has hit the world, it is time to take extra care for ourselves and our loved ones. We all know that not just people but even non-living things can transmit the virus. Therefore,along with masks and hand sanitizers, other kind of virus removing solutions also become as important.Say, for example, a good dish washing sanitizer that can kill the virus even from our daily utensils. A good dishwasher cleaner with sanitizing elements is, therefore, a must for every household.

What is a dish washing sanitizer?

Indus valley dish washing sanitizer is a sanitizing gel specifically designed to kill away tough viruses, bacteria and germs from our kitchen utensils. In other words, it does what the normal dishwashing gels fail to do, i.e. thoroughly disinfecting the utensils. Regular dish washing solutions are not formulated to kill the germs and viruses. They only wash away dirt and grease. A dish washing sanitizer, on the other hand, not just removes dirt and grease, but also all germs and viruses. It is a single solution that does it all over a single wash.

Why is having a dishwasher cleaner so important?

  1. Gives 99.9% virus protection along with removal of dirt and grease: A dishwasher cleaner with sanitizing elements will not just clean away all the stubborn grease and dirt stuck on the surfaces of our kitchen utensils, but will also sanitize away all germs and viruses making your utensils truly clean. This is especially required for today’s troubled times when removing dirt and grease can simply not be enough.
  2. Leaves no white residues after wash: Unlike the ordinary dish cleaning soaps and detergents that leave a white residue on surfaces after wash, a good dish washing sanitizer will clean your utensils to perfection. It will never leave any white residues after wash due to its gel based formulation.
  3. Easy on your hands:Instead of going for a purely chemical based dish washing sanitizer, if you go for an organic utensil sanitizer then it will fall easy on your hands. The added goodness of herbs present in it will keep your hands protected from the harsh sanitizing agents added for killing away germs and viruses.
  4. Easy on your pocket: The best dishwasher cleaners available online for sale are generally required to be used in small quantities for every wash. According to user reviews on the internet, Indus Valley’s Dish Washing Sanitizer cleans away a sink full of utensils with just a teaspoon of its quantity. You just have to mix it with a bowl full of water and get on with it.

For power packed utensil sanitizing and cleaning with just 3 super-easy steps:

  • Take one teaspoon of dish washing sanitizer and mix it in one bowl of water.
  • Take a scrubber or sponge and dip it into the solution to build up a thick lather.
  • Scrub it on your utensils, kitchen sink, appliances and all the dirty surfaces to get rid of the harmful germs, viruses and bacteria.

A clean kitchen always keeps the family healthy. Therefore, make sure that you bring home the dishwasher cleaner which has the power to fight a wide variety of germs and viruses.

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