5 Alternatives to Painted Drywall for Interior Walls

The easiest way to finish a room is to simply throw up a coat of paint. It is so easy that everyone does it, and for the most part, it is a good solution. But if you want your home or office to have a unique appeal, you can get a good start using alternative wall cover methods. There are many ways to cover a wall: from pattern concrete to cladding, or even stone or tile. And each product brings a different atmosphere to the room. Here is a look at a few of the most popular choices.

  1. Concrete: The concrete look is very fashionable these days. It is a modern deconstructionist look that gives an unmodified feeling to a space. It is the kind of look you will see in a gallery or an artist’s studio, A blank palette that gives many possibilities. Bare concrete is one form of this look, but there are more treatments available. There are concrete mixes specially formulated to be applied as skim coat. These are available with various tones and colours, that provide elegant, marbled patterns that raw concretealone will not provide. There are also textured versions so that your surface will have an additional dimension.
  2. Cladding: One way to change the look of a room and at the same time make the area more damage resistant is with cladding. Claddingis available in numerous options. And it is also possible to make your own if you are feeling creative. Usually, cladding is designed to be a full surface covering, generally with a durable laminate skin and linear features for dimension. It can also be used as Wainscoting by covering only a lower portion of the walls.
  3. Rock and Tile: Since ancient times, walls have been covered with tiles. The durability and the elegance of the perfect tiles are hard to beat. Choosing tiles will give you incredible latitude for choosing a look and feel; virtually any pattern can be achieved. Rock is also becoming popular. Stone walls are elegant, and they remind us of castles and other fantasy locations. Today you can buy artificial stone in panels that can be applied like tile. It is sometimes called stone veneer.
  4. Bamboo: Bamboo is a rising star in home décor. This extremely renewable producthas incredible strength and versatility. Bamboo can be made into mats and applied like wallpaper, it can be applied in strips, and you can purchase bamboo tiles with which you can let your creativity flow
  5. Stainless Steel: This is an expensive option, but stainless steel will not fail to be noticed. Stainless steel panels can cover a whole wall or be used as a geometric element to give dimension to your walls. It is a stark masculine look, and it goes well with the raw concrete finishes mentioned earlier.

There is no reason to settle for paint; there are even more options available than are mentioned here. Get creative or search the net for new ideas. With great walls, the décor of a room is easily handled, and with a few simple additions, your space will stand out for its creativity.

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