7 Things You Should Know About Filing A Case Of An Accident

We all have different responses to accidents. However, regardless of the response, filing a case of an accident has a huge impact on compensation and medical attention. Since filling a case requires utmost accuracy and compliance with the existing legal guidelines, It’s important to hire a law firm that has a dedicated team to assist clients in navigating the process, such as The Clark Law Office. Here are the seven things you should know when filing a case after an accident.

Reports Are Vital In Future Processes

Reports are the main piece of evidence that the accident happened. Therefore, immediately after the accident, it is advisable to report it. Calling the police is the standard requirement across the world. The first assessment by the police is to help establish some key facts, such as the cause of the accident and the people involved in the accident. The police report is vital in the later negotiations with the insurance company as the recording is a key source of facts in talks.

Informing The Insurance Company On Time Is A Requirement

While the police are doing their report, you should contact your insurance company. In some insurance policies, it is a requirement for you to report the accident to them. Besides being a standard procedure, reporting the accident to your insurance company is vital if they have medical pay, i.e., a clause that guarantees medical compensation before embarking on negotiations. If you are uncertain about reporting the incident to the insurance company (such as what information to tell them), contact your lawyer for more guidance.

Protect The Scene Of The Accident

The protected accident scene helps the police write a strong report. It would help if you did not move the car unless it affects the traffic flow. While you wait for the police, ensure the car lights are on, and no one can move or destroy evidence on the scene. If the car lights are damaged, you should use other light sources such as a flashlight. Also, encourage the other party to switch on their car lights or use alternative light sources.

Accurate Information Regarding The Accident Is Key To A Better Settlement

When filing a case of an accident, it is advisable to ensure every piece of evidence is correct. For example, if asked whether you are injured, it is advisable to say you are unsure instead of no, as most injuries become apparent after some time. Also, providing false information for whatever reason is not only a criminal offense, but can also jeopardize the chance of you getting a settlement.

Pictures From The Scene Are Vital Pieces Of Evidence

The negotiations or trial cases depend on the evidence provided. Pictures are admissible in courts and other judicial processes. So, besides the police reports, you should collect as much information as possible at the scene. If you have a smartphone with a camera, use that to take as many pictures as possible. If you are uncertain about the types of pictures you should take at the scene, contact your lawyer for more guidance.

You Can Collect Details And Information From The Other Party At The Scene

In some special circumstances, the police may not make it to the scene on time. In such a case, you should collect all the necessary information from the other party. Some of the key details you should obtain are their names, information about their insurance, phone numbers, and addresses. When collecting the information in the absence of the police, you should photograph all the cars at the scene. Once you have all the information, you can file a police report and inform the insurance company as soon as possible.

Having Copies Of All the Necessary Documents With You Is Vital

After the insurance company and the police have completed their reports, you should request copies. Having a file with documents containing the claim number, the police report, and the witness confessions position you in a better position if any of the parties or the insurance company disputes the claim. Also, you should contact your lawyer on creating a backup file and the type of additional documents to include on the file.

Filing a case of an accident in accordance with the laid procedures is one of the best ways to increase your chances for a better settlement. Besides knowing the above factors, working with a lawyer throughout the process is advisable as they are experienced in handling finer details. They are also updated on different amendments to laws governing insurance and accidents.

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