8 Tech-Savvy Ways to Stay Safe While Playing Video Games

Staying safe in the digital age has never been more important. Recognizing important strategies and tools to keep yourself safe is paramount when you’re gaming on the internet these days. The good news is a vast assortment of digital tools, tips, and tricks just waiting to be used, all designed to help keep you safe while gaming.


  1. Never give out your identity to strangers! The internet allows individuals of all nature to search names, addresses, or any personal information that you may share. Keep it limited! There is nothing wrong with going by your in-game name, even if you’re utilizing voice chat alternatives like discord, skype, or more. Keep it simple and resist the urge to tell anybody anything about your identity.


  1. Use a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that will mask your IP address with another one either domestic or foreign. This is one of the most secure and surefire ways of keeping your local network safe!


  1. Install and use a firewall. Sometimes, you just never know when you might misclick a link, download a malicious file, or worse. Mistakes happen and that’s okay. However, always have a backup plan! A Firewall is your first wall of defense for any file that would try to steal or hack information from your system. There is a multitude of firewalls available these days. Do your research and figure out which one works best for you!


  1. Install and use antivirus software. While a firewall is incredibly great at keeping foreign defenders out and notifying you of first alerts, antivirus software will remove any lingering or damaging programs you may have previously had on your computer. There are plenty of free and paid reputable programs available that are more than qualified to remove any malignant malicious software that might have gone undetected for years.


  1. Never share your passwords! Passwords are your ultimate entry and gateway into any game, email, or account that you own. Do not share this information! Even with the best of intentions to close friends or family, it may fall into the wrong hands. If you’re going to save them, write them down somewhere, and keep that information hidden! If you save passwords on your computer, a breach of information allows a hacker to get all of the information if it’s already stored there.


  1. Ask an expert. Sometimes other companies and experts can help you with any additional questions or information that you have about staying safe! In particular, HTTP://criticalnetworking.com/ is a good source of information for those who need IT, professionals, locally! A phone conversation with a qualified individual who can go over these tips and more will help keep you safe in the digital age.


  1. Use two-factor authentication where possible. Hackers will inevitably get information, sometimes due to no fault of your own. Companies are hacked into often. Another way of keeping all your information safe, gaming accounts included, is two-factor authentication! The program sends a message to your device, allowing you to screen any login attempts right as they happen.


  1. Double-check suspicious emails and messages. There have been many more attempted phishing attempts these days, some more professional than others. Always check the sender of an email, gaming-related or otherwise! Make sure you’re not clicking on a link that might compromise your safety.

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